Texas Teen Disciplined for Posting Old Photo Shooting With Parent

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Iola, Texas – Everyone has lost their freaking minds. Schools are punishing students for totally non-threatening situations…because someone else saw what they posted and turned them in. We already told you about Nate Evans in Colorado. Now there’s a Texas teen disciplined for a 4 year old photo.

KBTX reported,

Last week a student made a comment about his school with an older photo of him with a handgun. Investigators say on August 22, an old picture of a male student was posted on social media from when he was 9-years-old. The photo that was taken years ago showed the child and an adult shooting in the country with the child holding a pistol. The Facebook post also mentioned the school with the photo.

“It was a young student, had a handgun in the picture and part of the wording on the picture it had the word “school” in it. So we take that stuff very seriously here. As we investigated we found out the picture was a four-year-old picture,” said Scott Martindale, Iola ISD Superintendent.

“The picture had a caption that mentioned school. It did not threaten the school whatsoever it just mentioned the school,” he explained.

The picture the Texas teen disciplined for was when he was nine years old. It had the word “school” in it, but it was not threatening in any way. Good grief and this was Texas! And people wonder why we are not in favor of red flag laws? This is nuts. And just because police didn’t find a gun when they searched him or his home, that didn’t deter them. Now the Iola School District said he will be “disciplined according to District Policy.”

Disciplined? WHAT FOR? You mean no one can post anything on social media unless it’s a recipe? Are kids, even in Texas, now banned from posting anything enjoyable even when they’re with parents?

The Prosecutor is reviewing the case, but no charges have been filed thus far. Somebody stop the madness.

Featured photo: screenshot via KBTX of program at Iola School District


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