Texas Tackles Anti-gunners and Sharia

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Update, June 1- both the open carry and the campus carry bills have passed and are on their way to Texas Governor Greg Abbott for signature.

Texas has been a hot-bed of controversy this year, everything from being ground zero for Jade Helm to open carry legislation to anti-sharia laws. But they have valiantly taken those challenges and worked on some important legislation that, if it all passes, will help the Lone Star State…continue to be in the cross hairs of every liberal in the country. (Oh, that’s right, liberals don’t like the words ‘cross hairs.’)


Texas has taken up several controversial bills, two of which are gun rights

Campus Carry

In a surprise move, the House decided to pass a Campus Carry bill. After much hashing, they passed a watered down version of the bill, by a vote of 101-47. It now goes to the floor of the House on Wednesday.

The bill is complicated, and deeply compromised, as bipartisan wrangling destroyed  much of the strength of the bill. Concealed Carry on campus is legal in Texas for certain places, but not in dorms, cafeterias, or classrooms. The Campus Carry bill would allow concealed carry in those places.

They added private colleges to the public college list of places under the law, but  gave each college an “opt out” ability.

It now moves to the Senate. The opposition to Campus Carry vehemently claims that it would make campuses “more dangerous,” and “make it difficult to attract instructors,” (which is not supported by the facts). Opposition to the bill includes retired General McRaven, who is the Texas System Chancellor.

Most of the opposition from instructors to such bills comes out of the irrational fear of guns. It is high powered obstruction – if the legislature is able to hash out a compromise, Governor Abbott has stated he will sign any pro-gun bills they manage to pass. The deep divisions are evident, and passage by the Senate is by no means guaranteed.

Open Carry

HB 910-Both the Texas Senate and the House passed an open carry bill. It allows people with a concealed carry license to openly display their hand guns in a hip or shoulder holster. The difference in this bill and most open carry states is the license requirement. Texas already allows open carry of long guns. According to the Houston Chronicle, the open carry of handguns has been banned in Texas for over 125 years.

Surprisingly, liberals joined with conservatives to add an amendment that blocked law enforcement from  stopping minority carriers without “just cause.”


Tea Party Tribune photo

Anti-Sharia– no “foreign law”

Texas also passed a law prohibiting the use of foreign courts as legal basis for decisions regarding civil family matters. The law does not specifically mention “Sharia,” “Islam” or “Koranic law.”  Judicial discretion will be limited to Texas law,  or American law, not any foreign based law.

“It’s just to provide some belt and suspenders to make sure that, with judicial discretion, we don’t trump Texas law, American law, with a foreign law regarding family law.” TX state Senator Donna Campbell (R-Braunfels)

The move comes in response to concerns over a Tribunal of Sharia oversight that Muslims established in Texas. The men on that tribunal were not legal in Texas, but cried foul when confronted about their lack of credentials. Islamic leaders are calling this new bill “Islamophobic” and stating that it is a “solution looking for a problem.”

It is a start. Stopping the creep of Sharia into the United States is a challenge that Texas has stepped up to accomplish. They have joined a handful of other states against the infusion of Islamic law into the American legal system.


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