Texas Navy Veteran to Beaten to Death by Honduran Illegal

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McAllen, Texas – Jose Luis Oviedo, 56, served this country for 15 years in the United States Navy. But on January 29,  an illegal from Honduras (who had been deported numerous times before) stole his truck and beat him into a coma from which he never recovered. Oviedo died on February 24; his funeral was on Thursday, March 2.

From 1981-1990, Jose served with the “VA72 Bluehawks Squadron stationed out of Jacksonville, Florida.  He served time on three different aircraft carriers, [CV66 USS America, USS Independence, and USS Saratoga].  After leaving active duty, he continued to serve in the US Naval Reserves from 1990 to 1996 in New Orleans, Louisiana.” The Oveido family GoFundMe account.

Oviedo had a wife and 29 year old son.

The incident

Jose Oviedo was home alone when he heard a noise in his backyard. When he went to investigate, he found someone trying to steal his truck. The man, later identified as Andres Roberto Ortiz, attacked Jose and beat him into a coma.

Police found Mr. Oveido’s truck crashed into a canal. When they went to his home, they found him injured in his backyard. He was transported to the hospital and placed on life support.

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Ten days later, Ortiz was arrested for the crime. The charges will now be upgraded to capital Murder on top of  Grand Theft Auto. Finally, he will face consequences. His bond just for the Grand Theft and original Assault charge was set at $2Million.

Illegal Aliens

Ortiz had been deported several times. He came right back in. He was actually scheduled for deportation yet again when he committed this murder.

This incident illustrates why our immigration laws need changing and a wall needs to be built. And in Texas, law enforcement is about to get a royal kick in the rear end for failure to cooperate with ICE.


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