Texas Mom Uses Gun to Defend Herself and Daughter Against Shovel-Wielding Invader

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Limestone County, Texas – The standard liberal lie is that firearms do not make women safer. One Texas Mom would beg to differ with that: she confonted a shovel-wielding home invader with a firearm, causing him to flee, according to KWCH. An action which protected her daughter and herself from harm.

On Tuesday, Laura Williams was awakened to her doorbell ringing. She got up to answer it and a middle aged man was standing there with a shovel, asking for a woman who did not live there.

“I went to the door and just kind of opened it and there was an older man standing at my front door with a shovel and he asked for a lady’s name and I said, ‘There’s no one here by that name. I’m sorry. You’re at the wrong house. She doesn’t live here.'”

But something was amiss. She peered out the window and the man was still standing near the house, so she woke up her 17 year old daughter and told her to gather the dogs and head for the main bedroom where they kept their guns.

Just as they reached the bedroom, they heard him kicking and hitting the door with a shovel. Breitbart reported they could hear the door “splintering.” Laura retrieved he handgun and confronted the man in her living room while her daughter called 911.

“If you take one more step I will kill you,” Laura told him.

He fled the scene, and police “flooded” the area 14 minutes later. They arrested him at a nearby trailer park.

Allen Tompkins- Limestone County jail photo

The suspect was Allen Tompkins, 47. He is charged with Burglary of a Habitation, and is being held on a $20,000 bond. More charges may be leveled.

For Mrs. Williams, who was once a police officer, the incident is not really over.

“My husband said I’m having nightmares calling Hannah’s name trying to make sure she’s safe. As much as I hate to say I killed somebody, I wished I would have so that I could sleep at night knowing that he’s not going to come back.” Laura Williams

Probably most of us would have done exactly that, if someone with a weapon is standing in our living room. But if this woman had not retrieved her gun, if  she had not confronted this suspect, this incident would have become a tragedy. It took police 14 minutes to arrive. It only takes seconds for someone to kill. A gun is a great equalizer for women, which just goes to show that the standard liberal view is wrong on so many levels.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Laura Williams

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