Texas Marine Veteran Fakes Heart Attack, Shoots Robber

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Mike Brown, 77, is a Texas Marine, a Vietnam veteran who owns a gun shop in Richardson. On Thursday last week, a group of 4 men wearing masks came into the store and pretended to do some shopping. (Another problem with wearing masks). But the men weren’t there to buy, they were there to rob the place.

They forced him to the floor behind the counter, and put a gun to his head.  But Mike was a US Marine, and had gone over such a scenario in his head many times, since he ran the shop by himself. He feigned a heart attack, telling the robbers he had to get to his medication.  Instead, he managed to get to his gun.

The robbers by then had stolen around 50 weapons, and started to leave the store. Brown pointed his gun at the one robber left inside, and saw that the man had a firearm.

“I told him to stop. He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.” Mike Brown (Breitbart)

So he shot him in the shoulder.  That suspect is now in custody after collapsing just outside the store. The three others are still at large.

Fox 4 reported,

“I would not say it’s very common during the day like the situation here,” said Sara Able with the ATF Dallas Field Division.

The ATF believes Brown was targeted since he works alone and he doesn’t have surveillance. Agents are concerned about where those guns might end up.

“They are known to end up in the hands of those who commit violent crimes,” Able said.

Richardson police are searching for at least three other people involved. They may be driving a Chevy Impala with a paper license plate.

ATF is offering a $10,000 reward for information on the three suspects who escaped. (1-888-ATF-TIPS).

Meanwhile, Mike’s Gun Room owner says he is used to high pressure situations. But he has a message for the ones who got away.

“Don’t come back. I’ve got more ammo.” Mike Brown, owner of Mike’s Gun Shop


Featured photo: screenshot via Fox4


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