Texas Jury Rules Against Biological Father Trying to Save Son

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Texas? This happened in TEXAS? A Texas jury found that a biological father has no right to stop his 7 year old son from being given gender transition drugs (chemical castration), and now forcibly allows his demented mother to  “transition” him to a girl named “Luna.” They also took the boy’s care totally away from the father.

The boy has stated he is afraid to tell his mom that he wants to be a boy. The boy has publicly stated that he wants to be a boy when he’s with his father, and only with his mother would he want to be a girl. Which means he simply wants his parents to love him. The jury ruled against the father – which is not just insane, it’s child abuse in the worst way. It should be illegal for a parent to force a sex change on a child.

“Listened to an interview with the father. He says the mother used to lock the boy in his room and tell him there’s a monster who only eats little boys. At three, she started dressing him like a girl. Would withhold affection if he wasn’t dressed like a girl.” Matt Walsh

LifeSitenews reported,

A jury has ruled against Jeffrey Younger, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, James, from chemical castration via a gender “transition.” This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

The jury’s decision likely means that Mr. Younger will be required to “affirm” James as a girl, despite his religious and moral objections, and will also be forced to take a class on transgenderism.

Last week, the arguments revolved around James’ diagnosis of gender “dysphoria,” medical records recommending he begin the process of preparing for puberty blockers, and expert testimony about the risks and alleged benefits of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Mr. Younger is worried about Dr. Georgulas forcing a lifetime of misery on their son. Transgender-identifying individuals, even when encouraged in their confusion, suffer from more psychological issues than the general population, have shorter lifespans, and are more likely to commit suicide.

The hashtag #ProtectJamesYounger is now trending. But will ‘trending’ save this little boy?

LifeSiteNews went on to write: “According to the Mayo Clinic, possible side effects of feminizing cross-sex hormone therapy are: 

  • A blood clot in a deep vein (deep vein thrombosis) or in a lung (pulmonary embolism)
  • High triglycerides, a type of fat (lipid) in your blood
  • Gallstones
  • Weight gain
  • Elevated liver function tests
  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • High potassium (hyperkalemia)
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease, when at least two other cardiovascular risk factors are present
  • Excessive prolactin in the blood (hyperprolactinemia) or a condition in which a noncancerous tumor (adenoma) of the pituitary gland in the brain overproduces the hormone prolactin (prolactinoma)”

James is only 7 years old. Experts testified that he is not old enough to truly understand the ramifications of the sex change. Yet, a left wing, idiot jury decided that his crazed mother is better for him that his father who loves him as he is. #ProtectJamesYounger

Featured photo: Jeffrey and James Younger, via savejames.com


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