Texas Homeowner Kills Three Home Invaders, Wounds Two Others

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East Houston, Texas – Haven’t we repeatedly said ‘Don’t mess with Texas’? A Texas homeowner killed three men, and wounded two others who broke into his home early Sunday morning.   So much for home invasion – it cost those men their lives.

All five men who were wearing ski masks, were shot, but they were also armed, according to authorities. A shootout took place between the suspects and the  homeowner.

“The homeowner appears to have defended himself…We have multiple, multiple shell casings from several different types of guns.” Houston Police Department homicide detective Travis Miller

[There are still conflicting reports after the incident Sunday, with one news agency stating that 4 men were suspects, and the others saying 5.] The men attempted to flee in an SUV after the shootout, but one died in the front yard. Another driving the SUV ran into a pole and died. A third man fled that scene and collapsed on the street and died, according to Fox News. The 4th and 5th suspects were transported to the hospital- their conditions are not known.

Police set up a perimeter and were seen searching the area.

It is unclear exactly what weapon the homeowner used, but some reports stated that the homeowner used an “AK-47.”

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