Texas Gov Abbott – Sheriffs who Refuse to Comply with ICE Risk Fines, Jail, Defunding

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Texas Gov Abbott has one strong word for anyone who wants to have a Sanctuary City in his state: No. But it’s even deeper than that: if a law enforcement official refuses to cooperate with ICE and releases dangerous illegals back into the population, he will defund their county, and fines or jail time could be imposed. He’s already defunded Travis County.

“If you’re not going to enforce the rule of law, you shouldn’t be in law enforcement.” Greg Abbott

The Texas Senate passed a bill banning Sanctuary Cities in early February, and it still needs to pass the House. But one Sheriff, Sally Hernandez of Travis County, (Austin, Texas) openly defied the governor on the issue because she believes she has to protect the residents regardless of their status. Her county stands to lose about $1.8 Million if she continues to refuse to comply.

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Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez – screenshot

RT reported,

“In a two-page memo, Hernandez states that her job is to protect the residents of Travis County “regardless of their immigration status.”

In response, Gov. Abbott sent an official letter, calling her policies “misguided,” “shortsighted,” and “dangerous,” saying that under her policy, dangerous inmates “will be turned loose into Travis County without permitting ICE the opportunity to collect them.”

Abbott told Hernandez that if she does not reverse her policy before it is enacted, her country would be disqualified from receiving grant money from the Criminal Justice Division (CJD).

“Unless you reverse your policy prior to its effective date, your unilateral decision will cost the people of Travis County money that was meant to be used to protect them,” Abbott wrote in the letter.

Since when does protecting the residents of a county include allowing criminals to go free?

Sanctuary Cities

A “sanctuary city” is one that  ignores detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Then the illegals post bond and are released back into the population of the area where they were found.

Most are misdemeanor charges, with a few more serious ones. Sometimes the detainers hold people who are later found to be not the correct person. Gov Abbott stated that Sheriff Hernandez has released about 50 people with varying offenses such as sexual assault of a minor and others- what the governor referred to as felonies.

“I will not allow it.” Gov Greg Abbott

According to MyStatesman.com

If the county doesn’t honor detainers, that means that a suspect could post bail and be released on a pending charge. The criminal case would be handled through the court system, as usual.

Voters supported Hernandez in the Democratic primary after she campaigned on ending local cooperation with federal immigration officials at the Travis County Jail.

Her opponent dubbed her “Sanctuary Sally.”

On her campaign website, Hernandez wrote, “I believe that the current relationship between the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must end. Travis County should not honor illegal, warrantless ICE notifications or detainer requests, period.”

The only funds that can be pulled from a county are CJD funds that come from the Texas Governor’s office. While they are not the main basis of a county’s budget, they will have to be made up somewhere. If the Sanctuary City law passes in the Texas House, we might get to see a Sheriff led off in handcuffs.


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