Texas Goes Open Carry On Jan 1- Some Stores Opt Out

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Texas goes Open Carry on Jan 1

Someone PLEASE tell me the difference between a law-abiding person with a gun that is concealed or being openly worn on the hip? It has to be the fear-mongering. At least three grocery stores in Texas are opting out of the new Open Carry law that goes into effect January 1, but most are allowing Concealed Carriers in their stores.

Texas has already had open carry for long guns, much to the dismay of Moms Demand Action.

texas goes open carry

Terrified of weapons

On Friday, Texas becomes the 45th state to allow open carry of handguns. Three grocery stores in the state will not allow people to open carry on their premises. This action was likely in response to a fierce Moms Demand Action push called “#GroceriesNotGuns.”

These liberal idiots have tried hard to scare both children and adults by their rhetoric, and it has largely worked. People are terrified of guns – not the criminals who kill people, but of the gun itself. They have created a nation of ninnies.

Stores that have opted out

NBC reported,

H-E-B, with roots in Texas since its founding in 1905, largely has stayed out of the argument, saying in a statement that its rules comply with state regulations because it sells alcoholic beverages.

“As a retailer of alcohol, long guns and unlicensed guns are prohibited on our property under the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission rules,” according to the grocer’s statement. “H-E-B maintains the same policy we have for years, only concealed licensed handguns are allowed on our property.”

The Texas open carry law requires the same rules as concealed carry, and the person must have an “open carry” license. So what’s the problem? The problem is anti-gun groups. They have started a hashtag campaign that is trending on Twitter. And some stores have fallen for it.

Moms Demand Action Whining

The MDA push for anything against the 2nd Amendment:

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