Terror Stabbing in Romans-sur-Isere, France – Police Arrest 3 Sudanese

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Romans-sur-Isere, France – On April 4, a terror stabbing in France left two people dead, 7 others injured, one of which is critical. Three Sudanese immigrants were arrested following the incident.

The stabbings began in the downtown area of Romans-sur-Isere, as a family ventured out to get groceries during the national lockdown over COVID-19.  Then the suspect went to a tobacco shop, a butcher shop, and a bakery. The lone attacker, a 33 year old refugee from Sudan, identified as Abdallah Ahmed-Osman, was arrested as he sat on his knees on the pavement, praying in Arabic after the stabbing. Witnesses stated that he shouted “allahu akbar” as he was stabbing people.

It is being investigated as a terror incident, although any connections to a terror group are unknown at this time.

SOFREP reported,

“…the attacker attacked a family in the center of Romans-sur-Isère. He slit the throat of the father in front of the man’s wife and son. According to the mayor of Romans-sur-Irène, the assailant then went into a tobacco shop attacked the owner. The owner’s wife stepped in and was also injured. He then entered a nearby butcher’s shop and took another knife.

Ludovic Breyton, the owner of the butcher’s said, “He came into the shop. He jumped over the counter, took the knife and stuck it in a customer, then he ran out. My wife tried to help the victim, but there was nothing she could do.”

The attacker had no documents, according to news accounts in France24, but told authorities he was from Sudan. He had reportedly been in France since 2017, but was unknown to police or intelligence services. When police searched his residence, they found “handwritten documents with religious connotations were found in which the author complains in particular that he lives in a country of non-believers.”

Police also arrested an acquaintance at the time, and later arrested another one.


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