Terror Plot Thwarted in France- 4 arrested, Bomb Materials Found

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A terrorist plot was thwarted by French Police on Friday with the arrests of 4 people in Montpellier, Clapiers and Marseillan. The arrests included a 16 year old girl whom officials only named as “Sara.” Officials called the terror plot an ‘imminent attack,’ and found TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide) as well as other bomb-making materials in the apartment where the girl was staying with a 20 year old named “Thomas.”

terror plot thwarted

Police car leaves the apartment where the TATP was found – screenshot via France 24

The police knew of the couple as having ties to radical Islam. According to officials, they were planning to attack a “tourist site.” The girl’s boyfriend Thomas, had been arrested previously in Turkey.

A 34 year old and a 26 year old, friends of the couple, were also arrested, and police searched the home of the parents of one of the suspects. The 34 year old is suspected of placing the couple in touch with terrorists and obtaining a fake passport for Sara.

The Independent UK reported,

Police discovered 71g of triacetone triperoxide (TATP), a powerful explosive widely used by Isis militants, inside a makeshift factory manufacturing the substance.

The volatile explosive, known as the “mother of Satan”, was used in the Paris and Brussels attacks, as well as the 2005 London bombings.

Isis propaganda magazines have contained instructions on how to make TATP, which is difficult to detect, from legally available and low cost products.

The suspects were arrested after buying acetone, one of the key ingredients.

The teenage girl attracted the attention of police when she started expressing her desire to visit Syria in Social Media posts. She pledged her loyalty to ISIS in a video posted online Wednesday by the terror group.

One of the “mentors” she was talking to online happened to be working for French intelligence.  She voiced the plan to have an Islamic wedding, then Thomas was going to carry out a suicide attack and she would go to Syria as a “martyr’s widow.”

It was a two week investigation triggered by the Intelligence service that brought the raids yesterday. Police detonated the partially assembled device on site (featured picture).

“Faced with the heightened threat, there has been an extremely strong mobilisation of our intelligence services to ensure the French are protected to the utmost.” French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve


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