Terror Cell! Bombings in NJ and New York Connected, Suspect in Custody

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The bombings in Seaside Park and New York may be connected, according to authorities, after a backpack containing 5 pipe bombs was found in a garbage can near the train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Sunday night. As the bomb robot attempted to disarm the devices, one of them detonated. The suspect in those bombings, Ahmed Khan Rahami, a naturalized citizen of Afghani descent, is in custody after a shootout with police.

Elizabeth, New Jersey near the train station after a bomb detonated while authorities were attempting to disarm it. – Screenshot

CNN reported,

— A federal law enforcement official said BBs and ball bearings were among the pieces of metal that appeared to be packed into two pressure cooker bombs in New York. One of those devices exploded on 23rd Street, but the fact that it was partly under a metal trash container may have diminished the force of the blast.
— Surveillance videos showed the same man near the site of the explosion in Chelsea and where a pressure-cooker device was found four blocks away, several local and federal law enforcement sources told CNN.

Rahami was seen in a surveillance video of the New York bombing. He was not on a terror watch list, according to officials. Authorities believe a terror cell may be at work in New Jersey and New York.

FBI photo of Ahmed Rahami


“…you have some similarities among the bombs and the way they were made and put together and some of the technology that was used in the bombs. So there is some suggestion that there might have been a common identity across all the bombs. But again this is preliminary…I suspect there might be a foreign connection. That’s what we’re hearing today as the investigation goes on.” NY Gov Andrew Cuomo

Police and Federal agencies conducted searches of several residences as an intense manhunt ensued.

Rahami caught

A police officer was shot this morning in the town of Linden during the manhunt for Rahami. Reports say he took a round to his vest and EMTs were called. After a shootout with police, Rahami was taken into custody.




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