Terror Attack at Upscale Hotel Complex in Nairobi, Kenya

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A terror attack is unfolding at the popular DusitD2 hotel complex at 14 Riverside Drive in Nairobi, Kenya. Gunfire and explosions rang out as people fled in fear. Some who were dining in the restaurant within the complex were killed. At least 4 assailants were seen with AK-47 weapons. The terror group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility.

The complex is not far from the Westgate Mall where a massive terror attack occurred in 2013.

As with all breaking news, there are conflicting reports on the number of dead and injured, but so far it appears that 4 are dead and at least 14 are wounded from the attack. One witness described the scene as “it looks like mincemeat” with the bodies of victims. The bomb squad came when a grenade was found in the hallway of rh hotel.

The SUN UK reported,

Daily Nation reported that the group arrived in a car and shot security guards at the hotel gates, before hurling explosive into vehicles parked outside the hotel.

Officers from the Recce Squad, Flying Squad, Anti-Terrorism Police Unit and the bomb squad were reportedly working to establish where the gunmen are within the building.

Surrounding buildings have reportedly been evacuated by plain-clothed and uniformed officers, and a Kenyan Air Force helicopter is hovering above the building.


“We Regret To Inform About The Terror Attack… We Are Aware Of That Armed Terrorist Holding Up In The Hotel And Special Forces Are Currently Flushing Them Out.” Kenya press release

The Strategic Intelligence website reported,

On the late afternoon of the 15th January 2019, the Somali based Al-Qaeda affiliate, Harakat Shabaab Mujahideen (HSM) carried out a terrorist attack targeting DusitD2, an upmarket restaurant near the Australian Embassy in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Several people including foreigners who were dining at the DusitD2 restaurant have been killed. S.I early assessment confirms presence of approximately 4 attackers sporting Russian AK-47 Assault rifles.

Terrorists’ detonated explosives inside a small vehicle they had used subsequently blowing up 2 adjacent vehicles before forcing their entry inside the building where they began shooting discriminately at public.

Screenshot via Twitter “Tic Toc”

The injured were evacuated from the hotel complex as the terrorists continued their rampage.

Here is a series of videos from the scene of the attack – via @AfUncensored on Twitter. Please note that American police would  have cleared the reporters from the area before attempting to clear the rooms. These reporters would have been in serious danger of getting shot.

NTV journalists were among those suddenly trapped in the building as the attack unfolded.

The hotel complex contains banks and offices as well as a restaurant.

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