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A man began shooting on a Netherlands Tram in Utrecht on Monday. Authorities are investigating it as a terror attack. The suspect is still at large. At least three people were killed, several more wounded. Initial reports that there were two or more men were being investigated. Authorities did not discount the possibility that more incidents could occur since the gunman is still at large.

Update: from Fox
The 37-year-old suspect was taken into custody during a raid, police in Utrecht said. Heavily armed anti-terror officers were captured on video earlier gathering in front of an apartment block close to the scene of the initial attack of the tram.

At about 10:45 a.m. local time on Monday, the suspect opened fire inside a tram in the city of Utrecht. The #24oktoberplein is a regular stop for the Tram. Several “trauma helicopters” were dispatched to the scene. The body of a woman was seen on the ground near the tram with a white sheet over her. Authorities updated the death toll to three.

Police advised that just prior to the shootings, a red Renault Clio was carjacked. It was later located on Tichelaars Avenue.

Though it was thought that several shootings had taken place at once, authorities were quick to announce that there was only one. The government of Utrecht raised the terror alert to its highest level, and placed all schools on lockdown. Police advised all citizens to stay inside. Helicopters and drones filled the skies after the incident.

The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Gökmen Tanis from Turkey. Police asked the public to call authorities and not approach him. The gunman reportedly shot the people who were sitting on the bus seats; others smashed out windows and jumped through them to escape the rampage. At least nine others were wounded.

Police called for images of the scene and asked that they be uploaded to the police account.

Authorities evacuated the mosques in the city “as a precaution.” but locked down everything else. Churches and synagogues were not evacuated “as a precaution.” The suspect is from Turkey, a Muslim nation. Assuming all shootings are perpetrated by a white “Islamophobe” is a huge mistake, and leaves citizens in extreme danger.

Note: Netherlands also has rigid gun control. Just sayin’.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter

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