Terror Attack London!

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Four people died, including a police officer, and approximately a dozen injured this morning in what is being described as a terror attack in London. The Muslim attacker was killed by police.

UPDATE: The Muslim attacker was a 52 year old British born man named Khalid Masood.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack (as usual) but the wording on the Amaq network was similar to other ISIS-inspired attacks.

The American news services gave  his name, but the British ones for the most part just called him “the attacker.” How sad it is that Britain cannot speak the truth about Islamic terrorism.

According to the BBC, the persons killed were: 15 year police veteran PC Keith Palmer, Teacher Aysha Frade, American tourist Kurt Cochran. Cochran’s wife is hospitalized with serious injuries.

Eight persons have been arrested in the wake of the attack.

  • 12 Britons in hospital
  • 3 French children injured
  • 9 other nationalities affected
  • 8 arrests made

About a dozen people were injured when a car plowed into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge. Then a man wielding a large knife stabbed a police officer near the UK Parliament, which sent the building into lockdown. The man with the knife was killed by police.

Police are still looking for another assailant in the House of Parliament.

Fox reported:

The assailant — who looked to be in his 30s or 40s — was carrying a seven to eight-inch knife, witnesses told Sky News.

It is unclear if the person shot by police and the driver are the same person.

London police confirmed there are a “number of casualties, including police officers.”

Sources told Sky News that up to three officers were injured.

Scotland Yard Commander BJ Harrington told reporters there are multiple injuries, including police officers, but said authorities “cannot confirm numbers or the nature of these injuries.”

“We received a number of different reports which included a person in the river, a car in collision with pedestrians and a man armed with a knife,” he added.

He said a full counter-terrorism investigation is underway.




Reports stated that some of the injuries from the vehicle attack were “life changing.”

Police requested that residents remain vigilant as  more police were deployed across London. Even a London-Eye amusement ride shut down during the attack, leaving numerous people trapped in the pods. The attacker appears to be a Muslim and police have launched a full on counter-terrorism investigation.

Unconfirmed photo of British attacker via Jewish news

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