Terror attack at Jordan’s Karak Castle Kills 10

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Gunmen went on a shooting spree at Jordan’s Karak Castle on Sunday. Ten persons were killed (7 policemen, 2 citizens, 1 Canadian so far) and at least 34 wounded after an attack at the popular tourist destination. The death toll could climb.

Fox Reported,

The chain of events began when a police patrol received reports of a house fire in the town of Qatraneh in the Karak district, said a statement by Jordan’s Public Security Directorate. Officers responding to the call came under fire from inside the house, the statement said. Two policemen were wounded and the assailants fled in a car, it said.

In another attack, gunmen fired on a security patrol in Karak, causing no injuries, the statement said.

Armed men also opened fire on a police station at Karak Castle, a Crusader fort, wounding members of security forces. The statement said five or six gunmen were believed to be holed up inside the castle.

DebkaFile reported:

Intelligence sources observing the terror attack Sunday, Dec. 18 in the southern Jordanian town of Karakh report that the exchange of gunfire continued into the night after Jordanian forces stormed the Crusader castle where terrorists were holding an unknown number of tourists hostage, and freed some of them.

Jordanian cabinet minister Sameeh Maytah said a few minutes ago: “The operation is continuing, it has not ended and the criminals are still inside the castle … This was a group that was plotting certain operations inside Jordan.”
He implied that the group came from outside Jordan.

Prime Minister Hani al Mulki told parliament earlier, “a number of security personnel” have been killed and security forces were laying siege to the castle.There are no final figures on casualties in the ongoing battle or how many terrorists are taking part, So far, nine killed are confirmed and 29 injured – some in critical condition.
Among the dead is a Canadian women and several police officers, but the real figures are estimated to be higher.
Clearly, not all parts of the parts of the medieval fort had been secured by the Jordanian force which stormed the castle. At least one group of terrorists is holed up in one of the ancient tunnels holding an unspecified number of tourists.

No organization has owned up to the attack, which our sources report is far more extensive than originally depicted and encompassed villages and rural areas of southern Jordan that are adjacent to Israel’s southeastern border. Police stations and patrols have been routinely hit.

At least 4 of the gunman have been killed, and troops continue to search the area. Large amounts of weapons have also been seized.

The Canadian tourist killed was identified as Linda Jesse Fitcher. Two other foreign nationals were among the wounded.

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