Terrified of Trump: Leftist Plots and Plans

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Van Jones has declared he has launched an “army” of electoral voters to stop Trump. The left wingers, and even some compromised Republicans are doing everything in their power to pull the plug on the election results because they are terrified of Donald Trump. The groups stoking the fires of dissent are ever-widening the division in America.

Who is Van Jones?

Van Jones was – for a very short period of time back in 2009- Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.” He resigned September 2009, amid controversy after some of his radical left wing connections were discovered. Among them were his advocacy for convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

According to a screaming left-wing website, Jones is actively courting Republican electors to defect.

“The firm, called Megaphone Strategies, is currently handling all media inquiries for the first official anti-Trump elector Chris Suprun. But the firm is also in working with other Republican electors, so while Trump has been helping his billionaire friends Van Jones has been raising an anti-Trump “army.”

“Tight around Trump is a little hate army — not every Trump voter — but tight around him is a little hate army of very cynical, nasty people who took over our government,” Jones said. “We have to build a massive Love Army that can take the country and the government back in a better direction.”

He is fomenting more hate by telling us “deplorables” that we are a “hate army.” Intimidating, demanding that electors change their votes is a good way to totally destroy our nation.

Hysteria among the left

Fox News reported,

Organizations and, in many cases, lawyers, are urging people and groups they deem at-risk under a Trump presidency to take action now to protect themselves. School administrators are assuring students concerned about immigration raids that they won’t be spirited away, some city officials are vowing to provide a sort-of buffer to any federal attempts to strip benefits or programs. On Monday, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced that it was setting up a hotline and “support sites” in response to the deep anxiety among students about Trump as president.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is organizing a rally of black activists and lawmakers in Washington D.C. days before Trump’s inauguration in mid-January to, as he told The Hill, “put the Democrats on notice to use the confirmation hearings to really go after” Trump’s nominees.

One of the most high-profile efforts aimed at creating preemptive buffers against Trump policies are so-called sanctuaries for immigrants who are here illegally.

Colleges pushing for their campuses to be declared “sanctuaries,” people panicking  that Trump is going to create a Russian government in the US, it’s so crazy as to be ludicrous.

The hysteria is out of control. The leftists are out to make sure you have no voice- they only want THEIR voice to be heard. Will you let them?

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