Tens of Thousands of Unsealed Ballots Arrive in Michigan After Election Day. All for Democrats

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Statistically, it is impossible to have “tens of thousands” of unsealed ballots be for only one party. But allegedly, such ballots arrived in Wayne County, Michigan at 4:30 a.m. the day after the election, every one of them for Democrats. And they arrived in vehicles with out-of-state license plates. But that’s not suspicious, right?

The unsealed ballots

The Epoch Times reported,

“At approximately 4:30 a.m., tens of thousands of ballots were brought in and placed on eight long tables. Unlike the other ballots, these boxes were brought in from the rear of the room,” a sworn witness affidavit signed by Andrew Sitto, a poll challenger, states. “The same procedure was performed on the ballots that arrived at approximately 4:30 a.m., but I specifically noticed that every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden.”

“I heard other challengers say that several vehicles with out-of-state license plates pulled up to the TCF Center a little before 4:30 a.m. and unloaded boxes of ballots,” Sitto testified.

Sitto’s witness statement is one of six cited in a lawsuit (pdf) filed in Michigan on Monday by the Great Lakes Justice Center. The lawsuit alleges that poll workers were instructed to ignore signature mismatches, backdate ballots that arrived late, and push through ballots despite questions about their validity.

Sitto said the election official subsequently blocked the windows of the room he was in with cardboard and refused to let him reenter after he left for a break.

Unsealed ballots, dates of birth faked, what was going on?

The lawsuit was filed on November 9, alleging the irregularities. But those weren’t the only ones. Another sworn affidavit from Robert Cushman in Detroit alleged that he watched as poll workers entered new names and addresses into the voter database that were not in it previously. They also entered every person’s date of birth as 1/1/1900.  When he questioned it, they told him that the Wayne County Clerk’s office told them to do it.

Then there was the sworn affidavit from Daniel Gustafson, who stated that ballots came in unsealed with open tops, which gave no indication where the ballots originated.

All of this doesn’t count the controversy that when GOP poll watchers were present in Detroit, the counting of ballots was stopped. Yet when they were not present, plenty of counting took place. All of that occurred as Biden was being declared the winner. (The Epoch Times)

These are only one area of one state that has obvious irregularities in their voting process during this election.

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