Temple City, CA – Attempted Burglary Suspect Shot by Shop Owner

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Crime does not pay when people protect themselves and their property. Two suspects attempted to burglarize an Auto Body shop in Temple City, CA. It was the second time this pair tried it, the first time getting away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. But this time the owner was sleeping in his shop…with a gun. Their plan went awry as the owner shot and wounded one of them as the other fled. The second man was caught after crashing his car a few streets away.

The two men used a crow bar to attempt to enter the building at around 4 a.m. on Monday. The first one who came inside got shot, then dropped to the ground. He began crying and asked for someone to call his wife. The shop owner said the suspect was distraught, but “he played with fire and got burned.”

The second suspect fled in the car they brought with them, and crashed it a few streets away. He was placed in custody by police.

For his part, the shop owner says he had been burlgarized at least one other time in addition to this attempt, which is why he started sleeping in his shop with a weapon. The three strikes ‘you’re going to get shot’ method. Maybe word will now travel through the criminal community and they’ll leave his business off their burglar’s shopping list. The right to protect lives and property is an inherent right, something left wing gun grabbers seem to be deaf about.

The shop owner told KTLA that he had some advice to would-be bad guys: “Don’t do it. Get a job. You never know what’s behind that door.”

Good advice, that.

  • USMCM14

    And in the follow up story the shop owner has been arrested and is facing life in prison and attempted murder by the Socialist Republic of Kommiefornia !!!

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