Teen Pimps Arrested in Underage Prostitution Ring

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Spokane, Washington – Thaishaun Hunter, 17, and his brother Dionte Hunter, 15, have been charged as adults for running an underage prostitution ring, even while one brother was in Juvie lockup… and they ran it out of their mother’s house.

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Dionte Hunter, 15, charged as an adult

Teen Pimps Running a Prostitution Ring

Thaishaun Hunter was in the juvenile detention center regarding a drive-by shooting in front of a local Safeway store. The Spokane Police gang unit started listening in on his calls from the detention center to see if they could get more information on that shooting. What they learned was just as bad: Thaishaun had called his brother and was coaching him on how to run an underage prostitution ring.

The girls – including  Thaishaun’s own girlfriend – were ordered to advertise on a website called “Backpage.com” for $400 “dates.”  Then he would send them out on calls. Dionte was instructed to “Make them think they’re going to be reimbursed, even if they’re not,” and “Treat them right, that way they stay around, and make sure they do the calls.”

Police found the underage girls on the Backpage.com website and set up a meeting with them. Court documents say when the girls found out their “johns” were actually police officers, they spilled the entire story. Then there was a robbery case that occurred in the jurisdiction of the Spokane County Sheriff in which a man was attacked and robbed by the prostitute and her pimps.  Police believe Dionte committed that offense.

He’s also charged with beating up a prostitute, and possession of nude pictures of underage girls on his cell phone.

The boys gave about a quarter of the profits to their mom, since they ran their enterprise out of her house.

Thaishaun Hunter – screenshot

Charged as adults

At first authorities were struggling with the idea of charging Dionte as an adult because his Rogers High School classmates and teachers saw him as highly intelligent and a good athlete. But when they learned he had been extorting money from other students, and had racked up 6 felonies since the first of the year, they went ahead and charged him as an adult.

His bail is set at $175,000. His brother’s bail is also set at $175,000. KHQ news reported the list of charges for the brothers:

In all, here are the charges Dionte is facing:

  • Charge 1: Exploiting a minor for sexual purposes
  • Charge 2: Possession of depictions of minors
  • Charge 3: Dealing sexually explicit material
  • Charge 4: Promoting travel for the purpose of sex with minors
  • Charge 5: Promoting sex with minors
  • Charge 6: Conspiracy to promote travel for the purpose of sex with minors
  • Charge 7: First Degree Robbery

In all, here are the charges Thaishaun is facing:

  • Charge 1: First Degree Assault with a firearm (6 charges in all, due to victims involved)
  • Charge 7: Promoting sex with a minor
  • Charge 8: Promoting commercial sex abuse of a minor
  • Charge 9: Leading organized crime
  • Charge 10: Promoting prostitution
  • Charge 11: Conspiracy to promote commercial sex abuse of a minor

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