Teen Drugs 89 Year Old South Carolina Neighbor to Rob Her

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Charleston – Nineteen year old Christian Jellico allegedly took a plate of brownies to his 89 year old South Carolina neighbor, Margaret Sanders, on Tuesday. Only it wasn’t a generous gesture. He had laced the brownies with a drug. When Ms. Sanders fell asleep, he stole her television and $500 from her purse.

Ms Sanders says that Jellico and another boy tended to come to her home and “overstay their welcome” a bit. So she would give them each a $20 and tell them to go to McDonalds. She told a local ABC reporter that she likes to “help people out.”

On Tuesday, Christian Jellico appeared at her door with a pan of brownies. Just for her. He offered a brownie to her, only she began to feel drowsy the minute she ate one of them. He “went to the bathroom” while she ate it. They had been laced with Benzodiazepine…which  has various uses including general anesthetic, anxiety attacks, tranquilizer, etc. Needless to say, she was out like a light when he ‘returned from the bathroom.’

When she woke up 4 hours later, her television (worth about$300) and $500 from her purse were missing. She was disoriented and drowsy, but tried to go outside to get to a phone to call for help. She fell on her front steps, hit her head, and severely bruised her face.

Margaret Sanders

According to Live5News,

The victim’s friend’s son arrived at the home and helped her to get medical attention. 

The victim was transported to the hospital and treated for a cut to her head and bruises to her arm and face. A toxicology report indicates that a drug, identified as Benzodiazepine, was in the victim’s system. 

Her doctor told authorities that this was not one of the drugs prescribed to her. 

Investigators said they believed the suspect put the drug in the brownies that was given to the victim so that he could take advantage of her by stealing her personal items. 

“She is an 89-year-old widow who for all intents and purposes is one of the nicest, and most loving and caring individuals you will find,” said the victim’s attorney Mark Peper. 

The victim was able to identify Jellico, who reportedly has a history of breaking into cars. He was arrested, charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult and petty larceny, and held on a $102,125  bond.


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    These are all lies that lady used to get high all the time

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