Teaching or Indoctrination? Leftist Explosion Across the World

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It’s not just America, it’s even in Britain. Leftists are practicing indoctrination of our children with their personal opinions rather than teaching them facts. It’s a leftist explosion that threatens to destroy every child’s ability to think for themselves. And it is a concerted effort that is most certainly NOT random.

We have repeatedly been contacted by parents who are extremely concerned about posters placed in schools across the nation that all say the same thing- word for word. Now those same posters are appearing in the UK with only minor differences. It proves a concerted effort, not a random phenomenon.

Katie Hopkins, an English TV/Radio personality who was on “The Apprentice” in 2007, reports that teachers in Britain are increasingly giving their opinions to young children and scaring them rather than teaching facts.

Check out these photos.

This poster was placed on the wall of a school in Ohio- there are hundreds of these examples from all over the US. Photo provided by parent.

This photo via Katie Hopkins was placed on the board of a school by a teacher.

Katie Hopkins wrote:

“A young man aged 17 from Hertfordshire was ostracised from his politics class for daring to admit he supported Trump. He was told by the teacher to have ‘less strong views’ and was isolated by his class.

Eventually he dropped the subject completely because no one would sit with him or talk to him.

A child isolated for his opinion and hounded for his views.  

Another worried mother, Rachel from Solihull recounts that her eight-year-old came home from primary school and asked her why she liked Trump when he is a racist and hates women.

The child had been shown the news, told by his teacher that Trump hates women, Muslims and Mexicans and is a Bad Man.

Elsewhere, a headmaster of a secondary school in Chester gave a lecture featuring his own brand of politics, alarming the kids about the state of the world. 

He said he hoped to see his pupils again next week ‘if Trump has not pressed the nuclear button by then’, and sent them home with a newsletter reinforcing his point.

And then this from a mum in Bournemouth

‘My seven-year-old daughter came home from school saying she had been learning Donald Trump’s job is to take care of all the people but he doesn’t because he is a nasty evil man.

‘I asked her why, and she said … in school they had been shown a newspaper of a little girl holding up a sign saying ‘not my President’ because Trump had held a book and sworn to take care of all people but he lied.

‘Because American people don’t have newspapers, they cannot see what a horrible man he really is and what he is really like. And a lady wanted to be president and she actually got more votes than him. But they still let him win. And that’s not fair.’ “

So now, UK teachers tell children that Americans “don’t have newspapers?” Balderdash!

The agenda – now scripted worldwide

If you thought that the liberal media was bad, the teachers who push their views off on children are far worse. There is no “critical thinking” taught in schools anymore. They are taught the opinions of the teachers only. If the child happens to disagree, they are ostracized.

For England, proponents of “Brexit” were branded as “hate.” “Remainers” bombarded ” Leavers” with the phrase “hope not hate” in an attempt to force them to their way of thinking.

Sound familiar?

For Americans, constantly bombarding children – or even uninformed adults – with the view that Trump is “hate” destroys their ability to think for themselves or make up their own minds based on the facts.

It’s ‘peer pressure’ on steroids, and given the similarity of the posters and the verbiage, it is not random.


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