Teacher arrested in Newtown, CT for having a legally carried gun

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Teacher arrested in Newtown, CT for having a legally carried gun

Connecticut – Jason M. Adams, 46,  a teacher at Newtown Middle School, attended staff meetings on April 6…but another teacher noticed that he was carrying a gun. He was arrested and charged with a felony even though he had a concealed weapons permit.


Mughot of Jason Adams

The Hartford Courant reported,

“A middle school teacher was charged Wednesday after he was found carrying a gun at school, police said.

Officers were called to the school by officials about 9 a.m. who said science teacher Jason M. Adams had come to the school with a concealed firearm, police said. Security personnel had detained him at that time.”

Life-changing mistake

Mr. Adams has (had) a legal concealed weapons permit, and school was not in session that day.  That will not matter – the charge of “possession of a weapon on school grounds” is a Class D felony. That means his CCW permit will be revoked, his weapon destroyed, and he will no longer be a teacher at the school. He may also do prison time.

Police notified the licensing department of Mr. Adam’s arrest.

It was a stupid move on his part, considering how touchy Newtown is after the shooting back in 2012. And knowing all the liberals who reign in that state, and their hatred of guns, he should have known better. Newtown Schools are all “gun free zones.”

The law is the law

Adams was placed on administrative leave, and he is due back in Danbury Superior Court on April 20.

“This matter is very serious and troubling. The Newtown Police Department is confident that security precautions put in place prior to the incident were instrumental in the quick and appropriate response to the event. Both agencies have been working closely together to investigate the incident and are taking precautions to ensure the continued safety of our students, staff and community members.” Newtown School District Statement

Adams has not responded to any media requests for why he was carrying the firearm on school grounds.

Gun rights advocates say they don’t agree with the gun free zone, or the law, but it is what it is…the “law is the law.”


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