Tax Day Protests Demanding Trump Release Tax Records

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Tax Day protests from coast to coast and even in foreign countries are demanding that President Trump release his tax returns. Liberals seem to think that there’s something in them about his net worth, charitable donations, and business connections. They’re still on the Russian puppet thing too, even after it’s been obvious that’s not true for weeks. But seriously, have any of these pre-paid left-wing protesters EVER READ a tax form, let alone fill one out? We seriously doubt it.

According to the protesters, the whole thing started from a Trump Tweet in which he mentioned that he didn’t think anyone cared about his taxes except the media. So they are out to prove him wrong. And we believe that? Not. It’s just an excuse.

The protests were set for 150 cities, including New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Some marches were scheduled for Europe, Japan, and New Zealand, according to Reuters.

Marchers shouted things like “What are you hiding?” They held signs that said the same. People like Maxine Waters exclaimed that she would “fight every day until Trump is impeached.”

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Does Trump pay taxes? Yes

If you remember, David Cay Johnston, the reporter from a liberal news group, published one of Trump’s leaked tax forms online. There was nothing of import in it. That leaked form specifically showed that he does pay his taxes. Maybe the protesters don’t read the news.

And what about charitable donations? Why is it their business?

Does Trump have business losses? Yes

The New York Times reported that Trump had a $916 Million business loss on his 1995 tax return. They cited it from 3 pages of his tax return they managed to get somehow. If we can believe the New York Times, since they have been virulently anti-Trump.

In both the above cases, obtaining someone’s tax documents is a federal offense. These folks are in such a dither to get rid of Trump that they don’t mind violating the law.

President Gerald Ford did not release his  full tax return, he only released a “summary.” President Reagan only released one in 1980. Whoever leaked that tax form from Donald Trump previously did it for him.  Why does he need to do any more?

As usual, however, there was one person on Twitter who said it all.

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