Tax Bill Heads to Trump for Signature

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Nancy Pelosi said it would be an “apocalpyse” and thousands would die if the GOP Tax Bill passed. But pass it did. The Senate passed the new tax reform bill, dubbed “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” 51-48 along party lines. The House voted this morning to do the same after some minor tweaks, with a vote of 224-201. The bill can’t be signed until the paperwork gets to Trump’s desk.

While Democrats wait for the ensuing dead bodies in the streets scenario, we middle class Americans, can heave a huge sigh of relief. And Trump is deliriously happy:

The final bill has an increased child tax credit, and a $24,000 deduction for married couples. You can still deduct medical expenses if they are 7.5% of your net income. It doubles the exemption for the estate tax. As of 2019, it removes the Obamacare Mandate completely. It reduces the tax rate across the board for individuals and corporations.

So as the President celebrates his major win in Congress, Democrats are working hard to promote the doom and gloom they always share. With the Stock Market up over 5000 for the year, they may just be barking to hear themselves bark.

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