The Tangled Web: Allegations Against Virginia Lt Gov Justin Fairfax, Blackface for Others- Who Will Be Left Standing?

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We passed by a Twitter comment on another story that read: “Let’s just throw Virginia’s leaders away.” They are busily doing that themselves, so no worries there. Fox reported that Virginia’s Lt Gov, Justin Fairfax is being accused of a 15 year old sexual assault. VA state Attorney General Mark Herring said he once dressed up in Blackface, as did Governor Ralph Northam. Who will be left standing?

Just to be clear, an assault allegation that is 15 or more years old is suspect right off the top. It’s the same scenario that played out against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Same attorneys that represented Christine Blasey-Ford. The law firm of Katz, Marshall and Banks, LLC released Dr. Vanessa Tyson’s statement.

She claims that in 2004 during the Democratic convention, Fairfax forced her to have oral sex. He claims that it was consensual. Since there are no witnesses, it remains in the “he said-she said” realm.

Keep in mind that the narrative of the Kavanaugh hearings was to “believe all women.” The women’s movement accosted Senate members, treating them all to their extremist viewpoints. Now we have the Washington Post refusing to publish the Fairfax story because it was not corroborated. Where’d that ‘believe all women’ thing go?

Some women lie to further their plots of revenge. Some would rather not reveal something as personal as this. Who in their right mind would willingly step into this kind of firestorm is beyond our comprehension. Ms. Tyson says she spoke up because Fairfax took it public and cast aspersions on her as a liar.

Then the Virginia State Attorney General, Mark Herring, admitted also he once wore blackface at a college party in 1980. He is third in line for governor after Northam, and Fairfax.

Gov Ralph Northam, as we have previously reported admitted he once dressed up as Michael Jackson, and claims it wasn’t him in the now infamous photo from his college yearbook.

Oh, and the high school yearbook nickname of “Coonman.” That opened a wider can of worms and everyone piled on to tell him to resign. He is refusing to do so.

Now we have the top three leaders of Virginia- all Democrats- with careers hanging in the balance. Fairfax stated that he believed Northam is the one who leaked the Dr Tyson sex assault, according to Fox. Just keep kicking each other, we’re sure that will help.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott, 1808

Featured photo L to R- Justin Fairfax, Ralph Northam, Mark Herring.

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