Tampa Woman Threatens to Shoot Up Elementary School

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Tampa woman Juliana Joy Cote posted on her Facebook page Thursday that she planned to go to the nearest elementary school in Tampa and shoot everybody and then herself. She would have had a hard time doing it with the tiny toy gun she posted, but police arrested her on Friday. She is charged with making “written threats to commit a mass shooting or terrorism.”

“Hello. I used to believe that guns were only for men and stable rational people. But I, Juliana Joy Cote, a unipolar maniac autistic, got this lil sucker here. For FREE! and did nothing to get it. Apparently all us mentally ills are legally alloud (sic) to have these types of gun. I call it The Lil Tiny Gun of Evil Evilness. It came to me. So call 911 cause im heading to the nearest elementary school now. To shoot everyone then myself if im fast enough. GUN POWER!!!!”

Juliana Joy Cote

Authorities take a dim view of threats, even if they are obviously ridiculous. Juliana Cote lives near the Egypt Lake Elementary School. After learning of the post, Hillsborough County deputies showed up at her home and took her into custody. She is being held on at the Falkenburg Road Jail on a $7,500 bond. She reportedly admitted to creating the Facebook Post.

It’s unclear if the Tampa woman has an attorney yet. She has been charged, but it’s anyone’s guess how the court will treat her due to an obvious mental issue.

Featured photo: Screenshot Hillsborough County Sheriff and WFLA

  • Jay Howland

    You sure thats even a biological woman??

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