Taking a knee during Anthem? You INSULT the VETERAN who stands and SALUTES! …We fought for OUR RIGHT to SALUTE TOO!

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In 2008 a law change allows United States Military Veterans in civilian clothes to SALUTE during the National Anthem. You do not have to be in a Veteran’s organization to show your respect. Tell your parents and grandparents who don’t use the internet! So, VETERANS PLEASE STAND AND SALUTE DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! SHARE THIS so all VETERANS KNOW! Make those who disrespect our service, understand who they are insulting!


Do I really need to explain why? Veterans who reach this point in my post will likely read no further because they already understand.

We understand that every time we stand at attention and salute we honor all of those who have gone before us, were there with us, and will come behind us. We honor the Gold Star Families, the Wounded Warriors, the Peacetime Training Casualties, the POWs who never came home, the MIAs who may come home someday, and we honor our Nation. A Nation that gives us freedom like no other in the world.

We will stand and honor our Nation out of RESPECT for all of those who served to protect it! Others have the freedom to take a knee and so be it. BUT they need to look up at the Men and Women they insult as they do it. I see no need to make them feel good about their disrespect!  SEMPER FI! and GOD SPEED fellow Veterans!

Veterans Affairs News Release is here if you don’t believe me…

H/T semperfinews.com

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