Sydney Citizens Chase Down a Knifeman, Stop His Rampage

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Sydney, AU — reported at around 2 p.m. local time, a 21 year old male went on a knife rampage and attempted to stab several people on King Street in the city. After he stabbed a 41 year old woman in the back, Sydney citizens chased him down (one of the them had an axe), corralled him and stopped him from harming anyone else. Police called that group the “highest order of heroes.”

“They were brave … significantly brave people.” Police Superintendent Gavin Wood¬†

The suspect was identified as Mert Nay. The knife he was wielding was described by news media as a “machete,” but police stated it was a large butcher knife.

Sydney citizens – a firefighter and tradesmen – detained the suspect with two chairs and a milk crate. Thirty minutes later, police discovered the body of a 21 year old female whom they believe was killed by Nay prior to the rampage. The deceased woman was said to be involved in the “sex trade.”

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Screenshot of suspect via News9 – creative Aussies

The 2nd victim is a 41 year old woman, who was stabbed in the upper back near the CBD Hotel. She spent the night in the hospital and was listed in stable condition. She was not expected to require surgery.

New South Wales Police stated that Nay may have escaped from a local mental facility, and had no links to terrorism. They also stated that he has “terrorist ideology.” He is from Marayong, an area near Blacktown, Australia.

He was carrying a thumb drive that held information on previous terror attacks, as well as the New Zealand mosque shooting, and several incidents of mass death in the United States.

During his rampage, he jumped on the hood of a local taxi that was carrying passengers. The driver sped up and dislodged him, but it left blood on the hood and grill of the taxi, and dents in the car.

Police and local officials described the men who stopped the assailant as heroes.

“This is how Sydney-siders respond. If you want to behave in this sort of manner it’s not just the police will respond, it’s the citizens, the fires and the ambos. This could have been much worse if not for the response.” New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott

Featured photo: screenshot via News9, from a local surveillance camera


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