Switzerland Voted to Tighten Gun Laws to Match EU

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By 64%, voters in “heavily armed” Switzerland voted their own destruction of gun rights. The referendum on May 19 was to see if the voters would align themselves with the restrictions imposed by the European Union. In a country that has seen little in the way of terror attacks, and a population of gun owners that rivaled that of the United States, they voted to tighten their own gun laws.

The AP wrote:

The vote was part of Switzerland’s regular referendums that give citizens a direct say in policymaking. It had stoked passions in a country with long, proud traditions of gun ownership and sport and target shooting. Switzerland, unlike many other European nations, allows veterans of its obligatory military service for men to take home their service weapons after tours of duty…

… The Swiss proposal would, among other things, require regular training on the use of firearms, special waivers for possession of some semi-automatic weapons and serial-numbering of major parts of some guns to help track them.

Switzerland is not an EU member, but is in Europe’s Schengen visa-free travel zone.

Indoctrination works. Fear is a great tool. Switzerland has had very little in the way of gun violence, and have not had the major terror attacks that have occurred in other European nations. They have been known for sport hunting, and sport shooting and were proud of it. But voting to go along with the EU’s restrictive gun regulations threatens to undo all of that.

Switzerland had the free ability to own semi-automatic weapons; there are about 45 guns per every 100 citizens. They have the 4th highest gun ownership. They also have one of the lowest homicide rates in the world.

They don’t generally issue concealed carry permits, but a large portion of the population has rifles. They’ve had tradition, but no second amendment. They may soon wish they had one.

Breitbart reported,

Opponents of the measure insist it will do little to stop terrorism. They say it will crack down mainly on lawful gun owners and ram through what they perceive as the latest diktat from Brussels on the rich Alpine country.

Featured photo: a shooting competition for school children in Zurich. Screenshot via Spiked-online.com

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