Swedish Apartment Bombing – Massive Damages

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A massive explosion at a Swedish apartment bombing in Linköping damaged at least 250 apartments and left the facade of the building in shambles. At least 25 people were injured in the blast, but no fatalities were reported. Officials say it was ‘not terrorism,’ but likely ‘gangs.’

Thirty seven of the apartments were judged to have severe damage according to the Swedish media SVT.

The city posted this statement:

The explosion took place on Hamngatan in Linköping just after 9 am. Windows and balconies have been destroyed on a five-story building and the ground is covered in debris. Police and ambulances are at the site and a large area has been cordoned off. Several injured people have been taken to hospital. The police are not currently planning to evacuate more people. Sweden’s national bomb squad is on its way to Linköping. 

According to the Gateway Pundit in a guest post by “Peter Sweden,” police are not investigating the bombing as a terrorist incident. Their information says that the gang “Bandidos” may be behind the bombing. They stated that there was an “explosive device” left at the front of the building.

According to SVT, there were no gas pipes inside the building, so the bomb was most likely outside the apartment complex. One expert local media spoke with stated that the blast itself was “a heavy charge.”

According to Peter Sweden, “A witness said it looked ‘like a war zone.'” He told the Gateway Pundit that there were 162 explosions last year, and over 50 explosions so far this year.

swedish apartment bombing
Screenshot via Twitter

The damage from the Swedish apartment bombing resembles photos we’ve seen from bombings elsewhere. It shattered items in nearby apartments in addition to the building that was hit.

Reports stated that at least 20 ambulances were originally called to the scene, along with six fire trucks.

All photos are screenshots via Twitter from Peter Sweden

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