Sweden Shooting – “Migrant Gangs”

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A shooting at around 11:30 p.m. local time erupted in Trelleborg, Sweden at several locations near a public market and church last night. At least 7 people were injured in the shooting, four of them rushed to the hospital. Authorities quickly ruled out “terrorism”… police believe that the shooting was among migrant “gangs.” The towns of Trelleborg and nearby Malmo are reportedly “migrant gang infested.”

“Two are shot, one person has been knifed and there is a fourth person also injured. We are told none of these are life threatening.” Hans Nilsson, Region Syd police

Police found no indication of “terrorism.” The shooter is still at large. Police were using K-9s  in an attempt to find weapons, and questioning people. Trelleborg is a small port town 20 miles south of Malmo. Europe is known to have “no-go” zones where police and non-Muslims are not welcome, so finding the suspect will be a challenge.

Here’s a question: how did “migrant gangs” get their hands on guns in a country that rigidly controls firearms? Just goes to show that gun control is worthless for stopping such things.

In Sweden, being a gun owner requires a license, which is tightly controlled by regulations. A potential gun owner needs to meet requirements to be granted a license, which are only given in specific circumstances. A gun registered for target shooting, for example, cannot be used for hunting. Hunters must either be members of a shooting club for six months or pass an exam.

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