Sutter County Sheriff Warned Gun Permit Holders of Media Request for Info

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California –  Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes is a Pro-2A Sheriff. When the San Francisco Chronicle filed a Public Records Act request regarding who applied for Concealed Weapon Permits, the Sheriff notified the permit holders of their request. Naturally, the SF Chronicle then accused the Sheriff of “spreading alarm.” It actually IS alarming to have the anti-gun media want to know who has permits. What did they plan to do with that information?

Not only was Sheriff Barnes accused of raising alarm, but the SF Chronicle claims their reporter who made the request is being threatened.

Some permit holders are uncomfortable with the SF request.

KOVR , CBSLocal reported,

Sutter County’s Ken Pike is a CCW license holder and owns a .45 caliber handgun he keeps under his shirt most days.

“I carry a Kimber .45,” Pike said. “I can protect you, I can protect myself.”

Pike is now frustrated.  He says he feels, “exposed, violated.”

He read the Facebook post by the Sutter County Sheriff, that shares a letter addressed to CCW license holders, explaining the San Francisco Chronicle filed a public records act request asking for their license information…

… The CCW license application includes a section explaining it may be a matter of public record.

“You know, it’s right there in black and white,” Pike said. “Yes, they are entitled to that information, but I don’t have to be happy about it.”

The SF Chronicle claimed they were not going to print personal information of the people with permits. Then why did they want it?

The paper also claimed that their reporter was being threatened on the basis of the Sheriff’s Facebook post. Editor-in-Chief Audrey Cooper planned to refile the request in her name to “take the heat” off the reporter. According to her, they are supposed to investigate “trends.”  Statistical information would have been a better way to investigate “trends” than specific personal data, unless that information is not kept by the Sheriff’s departments.

“It is a journalist’s job to investigate trends, and we do not intend on publishing personal information of private citizens. Unfortunately, the sheriffs sought to play up distrust in media when it became clear that they cannot deny access to public information.” Audrey Cooper

Cooper also accused Sheriff Barnes of posting the Facebook notice for “political gain.” But this is his first year in office and he isn’t up for re-election anytime soon.

 “I have never named anyone other than the San Francisco Chronicle, and so I’m not sure how that could be placed back on me personally.” Sheriff Barnes

Sheriff Barnes advised gun permit holders of the impending release of information to the media. He stated that he only released the bare minimum of legal requirements – permit number, name of permit holder, date of issue and date of expiration. Though more information was requested, that’s all he would provide.

Was releasing the letter unnecessary? Should gun permit holders in Sutter County trust the media to not release personal information?  You decide.

Featured photo: Facebook photo of Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes


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  • RWest

    That’s why Florida removed the persons address from their CC Permit.

  • Michelle Neff

    No! Never trust a reporter! If they publish my name, which is my private property , they will work dh they didn’t. I will bankrupt them in legal expenses

  • Les

    Thank You Michelle!

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