Suspects in 2013 Killing of Benghazi Teacher Reportedly in Custody

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Benghazi, Libya – The suspects involved in the attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi in 2012 and the murder of American Chemistry Teacher Ronnie Smith in 2013 are in custody, according to the LNA.


The Libyan National Army – LNA – stated that the widow of Ronnie Smith- Anita Smith, or her lawyers-  would be welcome to attend the trial and look over over all the files.

Ronnie Smith

Ronald Thomas Smith III, 33, was a chemistry teacher at the International School in Benghazi. He described himself on Twitter as “Libya’s best friend.” The head of the school stated that he was greatly loved at the school.

He was married to Anita Smith, and had one son. reported in 2013 that they had recently returned to the US, and he was looking forward to joining them at Christmas.

As he was jogging in the morning on a Thursday in December of 2013, jihadists drove by and mercilessly gunned him down. He was just one of 4 people murdered in Benghazi that day, but the only American.  Now, according to the Eastern Benghazi force known as the Libyan National Army, the suspects have been captured.

According to the LNA, Smith’s murder was ordered by Ahmed Abu Khattala, also known as Ahmed Bokhatala (according to the Daily Mail), who is imprisoned in the United States on charges stemming from the 2012 attack that killed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

The spokesman for the LNA, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mesmari (pictured  in feature photo) did not release information regarding the names of those arrested. The Libyan National Army has been “locked in a power struggle” with other groups for Libya since the fall of Gadhafi in 2011. They have been attempting to rid Libya of Islamists.

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