Suspect Who Struck Fort Meade Marine Indicted

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Arundel County, Maryland – On February 24th, Lance Corporal James Ray Walden III, 21, was riding his motorcycle when the driver of a BMW lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center line, and smashed into him, throwing him off the bike. The accident resulted in fatal injuries to LCPL Walden. It has taken since then to obtain a Grand Jury Indictment on the suspect: a possible “undocumented” immigrant named Martin Martinez-Ballinas, 29.

Martinez-Ballinas fled the scene, but was arrested a short time later after he was found hiding in a local quarry. His passenger received minor injuries in the crash.

On Wednesday, April 26, a Grand Jury returned a Felony indictment for Automobile Manslaughter “and related charges.”

Martinez-Ballinas has been in jail  and not released during this time. Why? Because he failed to show up on an unrelated previous charge, he has a foreign passport, and the kicker…he has no documents that establish his “lawful presence” in the United States.

“My office takes vehicle deaths very seriously and, when the evidence provides, we will pursue these types of cases to the fullest extent allowed by law. In addition, given the fact that Mr. Martinez-Ballinas is a flight risk, I am grateful for Judge McCormack’s ruling to keep Mr. Martinez-Ballinas in jail, pending the resolution of these charges.” Wes Adams,  Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney 

Lance Corporal James Ray Walden was stationed at Fort Meade as a crypto-analyst. He graduated from Peoria Heights High School and then went to Bradley University on a scholarship. But he joined the Marine Corps and graduated from Boot camp in San Diego on April 4, 2015.

A Marine’s life cut short because of a man who likely should not have been in the United States at all.

Walden’s family is reportedly upset that Martinez-Ballinas is only being charged with manslaughter instead of vehicular homicide. Sometimes the legal system seems like it fails, but in the end, this illegal will pay for his actions.

R.I.P. Marine.

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