Suspect Identified in West Texas Shooting

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The death toll in Saturday’s West Texas shooting has risen to 8, counting the suspect, with 24 wounded according to CBS. The suspect identified was Seth Ator, 36, a resident of Odessa, Texas. He had a criminal record.

According to the NY Post, he killed the USPS mail carrier and stole her truck after fleeing from Texas State troopers who pulled him over for a minor signalling violation. He shot one of the troopers, who was seriously wounded. At first they said Ator was driving a gold Honda, but now have stated he was driving a gold Toyota just prior to hijacking the mail truck.

During the chaotic situation in which Ator was being chased by Police, numerous innocent people were randomly shot. The law enforcement officers wounded are said to be in stable condition.

Police advised people to stay off the roads and stay inside until it was resolved. Because there were no new reports of shootings after the suspect was killed behind the Cinergy theater complex, police advised that there was no longer an active shooter situation. Ator’s motive remains unknown at this time.

Police Chief Gerke of Odessa refused to say the shooter’s name. It was released by the FBI about 24 hours after the shooting began.

Featured photo: suspect identified as Seth Ator – Facebook photo


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