Suspect in Custody for Explosions in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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Upper Bucks County, PA – Since April 2, the residents of Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania have been terrorized by mysterious explosions, usually in the early morning hours. Some people blamed fracking. Some even tried to blame aliens or some strange geological phenonmenon. But in fact, after the investigation was completed, it allegedly turned out to be a local man named David W. Surman Jr, owner of a chemical plant and resident. He was charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction based on what police found at his home and business.

The FBI, ATF and Pennsylvania State Police have been working on the case for months. Around 3 dozen explosions in the area have rattled residents for weeks. On Thursday, police obtained a search warrant for Surman’s home and Consolidated Chemical and Solvent Company.

Police conducted four controlled explosions across the street from his business, according to CBS local 3.  They found what appeared to be a large bomb capable of “mass destruction” at the business as well as strange drawings, some with hate symbols.

The ramblings in the journal appear those of a mentally ill person. Authorities are concerned that there may be more bombs that have not yet been discovered and are cautioning people to pay close attention to anything that seems to be out of place.


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