Suspect Attempts to Rob a Villa Rica Waffle House with a BB Gun. Gets Shot.

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An armed robber was found dead after attempting to rob a Waffle House in Villa Rica, Georgia. A customer with a CCW permit shot him. The suspect fled to Carrollton, where he fell dead.

The Villa Rica police posted this on Sept 13:

On 09-13-2018 at approximately 12:30 AM, a male suspect entered the Waffle House at 592 Highway 61, Villa Rica. The suspect pointed a gun at the employees and announced that he was robbing the business. A customer who was dining inside then shot the suspect and the suspect fled from the restaurant. Witnesses reported the suspect left in a small dark colored vehicle. During the investigation it was discovered that the suspect dropped the gun as he was fleeing the scene. It was also found that the gun used was a BB gun.

Here is the full post

The customer will likely not be charged, according to the Atlanta Journal Courier, as no one knew the gun was a BB gun, and Georgia has a stand your ground law. If someone is waving a gun around, no one is going to ttake the time to figure out whether it’s a BB gun or a real one. Hence…he was shot.

The AFJ reported,

“Adrian Wordlow, 28, of Bowdon, is accused of entering the Waffle House on Ga. 61 around 12:30 a.m. Thursday, pointing what turned out to be a BB gun at employees and threatening to rob the restaurant.

The customer then shot Wordlow, who left the restaurant and was found dead on Brown Street in Carrollton about seven hours later, Villa Rica police Capt. Keith Shaddix told Carrollton is about 20 miles from Villa Rica.

He said, “I do not anticipate any charges against the customer who shot (Wordlow).”

Wordlow’s Facebook page said he was a “youth pastor, singer, songwriter, musician.” Nice role model. Please don’t follow it. And if it was true a little vetting before hiring would be a great idea.

The incident is under investigation.

  • Devin Sanders

    He was a fool for doing that. Exspecially since nobody has the time to disifer if the bb gun was a real gun or not, when toy guns look more an more like real guns now days. Plus a BB gun can hurt someone really bad.

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