Susan Rice Behind Unmasking of Trump Team – CNN Rushes to the Rescue

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Former Obama administration official Susan Rice is reportedly behind the “unmasking” of Trump Team officials during “incidental surveillance” by intelligence agencies according to a Bloomberg report on Monday. And CNN, with the mainstream media, appears to be attempting to cover the Obama administration’s involvement by calling the report a “diversion.”

The standard protocol is to redact those names that are gathered without being the specific target of an investigation. Susan Rice lied to the American people on Benghazi, so this is another notch in her scandal belt.

The Daily Mail reported,

When U.S. intelligence services conduct surveillance of foreign targets, it’s possible that American citizens can be swept up in recorded conversations, intercepted emails or other surveillance.

That can happen when Americans who are not targets of an investigation are ‘incidentally’ captured talking to a target. It can also occur when targets merely mention them during a conversation or in a document.

When this happens, intelligence analysts routinely delete the Americans’ names and replace them with vague identifiers like ‘U.S. Person Number One’ or ‘Person A’ – masking their identity from other government officials who may look at reports.

Senior intelligence officials can request the ‘unmasking’ of those names under certain circumstances, but that creates a risk that the names will be leaked. 

Committing a felony

In short, Susan Rice was seeking political leverage to destroy Trump. And it is extremely unlikely that Obama was unaware of it. As usual, she is denying that she asked for the names. Leaking those names to people who do not have a security clearance is a Federal Felony.

CNN’s Don Lemon went on a rampage over the Susan Rice involvement, calling it a “diversion” and urging viewers to ignore the story.

Washington Times noted that the media was providing cover for the Obama Administration:

There are two stories worth pursuing. One is the FBI’s investigation into any collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. So far, no evidence has been provided that there was any. The second is why did Ms. Rice seek this unmasking and was it done for political purposes – in other words, did the Obama administration actively seek to spy on the incoming Trump administration?

The second story doesn’t interest the mainstream media – which instead of investigating, immediately aimed to discredit.

And Susan Rice wasn’t the only Obama Administration official seeking dirt on Trump: according to Fox News, former Defense official Evelyn Farkas was doing her level best to dig up anything she could find.

“I was urging my former colleagues, and frankly speaking, the people on the Hill … ‘get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration,’ because I had a fear that, somehow, that information would disappear with the senior people who left.” Evelyn Farkas. former Defense official under Obama

It was a pattern: a pattern of pressure from the Obama Administration that sought to destroy Donald Trump before he even took office.

The use of incidental intelligence surveillance on private American citizens for political reasons is pathetic. The targets of a criminal investigation are for the purposes of prosecution. Incidental gatherings are just that: incidental and do not constitute violations of the law. The flap over “Trump ties to Russia” is a manufactured political maneuver.

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