Survey: Millennials can’t tie a basic knot

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An article in the Express UK reveals that in a study, about half of Millennials can’t even tie a basic knot. Compared to their grand parents, they have little to no survival skills. Of course, they have “Google.”

The UK article reported,

A survey shows millennials are missing out on practical skills such as map reading or fishing, compared to their grandparents’ generation.

More than half of young adults were unable to tie a single knot and 40 per cent had never swum in open water, despite Britain being an island nation.

The poll, conducted ahead of the London Boat Show, found simple life skills have been left behind with advances in technology…

Those born before 1950 were also three times more likely to be able to tie a sheepshank knot compared with those born in the 1990s. And the survey also revealed that 44 per cent have never actually been camping.

A London Boat Show spokeswoman said: “Despite the rise of TV shows such as I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Bear Grylls: Born Survivor, young people lack basic survival skills such as building a fire or catching food.”


A basic Sheepshank knot

Living without cell phones

In short, their knots will slip, if they can even figure out how to tie one. So with GPS, Google information at their fingertips, what happens if they don’t have access to those things?

Can they start a fire without matches? Nope. Can they find their way to a destination in a forest without a GPS if their car should break down or have an accident in the wilderness? Nope.

Can they find directions without their cell phone? Unlikely. And an old-fashioned compass is not in their emergency kit – oh wait they don’t have one of those.

What about eating? Can they catch a fish, or make a spear so they can hunt for game? Nope not those things either.

The survey was taken in the UK. For what it’s worth, we hope that those skills will never be needed. We hope that an EMP explosion will never be set off over any country, let alone America. We hope these little fluff balls will never be broken down in the middle of nowhere, and their cellphones not work.

There are no true safe spaces in the mountains or the desert.


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