Supreme Court Will Hear Second Amendment Case in October

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The Supreme Court hasn’t agreed to hear a Second Amendment case since 2010. Now, with their newly minted Conservative majority, they’ve agreed to hear an appeal brought by a group of New York City residents and the New York State Pistol and Rifle Association over a New York City Law that restricts a licensed gun owners from transporting their weapon away from their home.

The lawsuit was filed in 2013. The US Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected the challenge and upheld the restrictions, saying that it “advanced New York’s interest” in protecting the public safety.

The SCOTUS blog reported,

They were challenging the city’s ban on transferring even licensed, unloaded guns anywhere outside the city limits – including to a weekend home or shooting range for target practice – restrictions they describe as “draconian.” After the lower courts rejected their challenge and upheld the restrictions, the NYSPRA and gun owners went to the Supreme Court.

Today the justices granted review in the case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. New York. The Supreme Court’s calendar for April was already full before last week’s conference, so the new grant likely won’t be argued until the fall. The justices’ eventual ruling in the case could stick to the relatively narrow question of whether the city’s law is constitutional, or it might shed light on a broader and more consequential question: whether the right to have a gun extends outside the home. Either way, the court’s opinion in the case probably won’t come until the spring of 2020.

New York City has an ordinance regarding what it called a “premises license.” According to TheBlaze,

A premises license is a restricted type of license that is issued for an individual’s residence or business.

“The licensee may possess a handgun only on the premises of the address indicated on the front of the license,” according to the city’s ordinance. “Licensees may also transport their handguns and ammunition in separate locked containers, directly to and from an authorized range or hunting location.”

Even though the court’s opinion won’t be given for some time, the fact that they are willing to take up this Second Amendment case is significant.

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