Supreme Court Rules OK for Families to Sue Iran- What about Saudi Arabia?

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Supreme Court Rules OK for Families to Sue Iran – What about Saudi Arabia?

What could mess with our Middle East policies? Today’s news has several things. First, the Supreme Court ruled 6-2 that families of terror victims from the Beirut  bombing could sue Iran.


The President has vowed to veto bipartisan legislation that would allow families of 9-11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. All of this comes after it is revealed that a certificate from the Saudi Government was found in the possessions of one of the bomb makers of the 9-11 attacks.

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The shadow looms- the SCOTUS passes a law to be able to sue Iran, what about Saudi Arabia?

In a cache of papers known as Document 17 belonging to Ghassan Al Sharbi that was unobtrusively released in 2003, an activist going through those papers found something hidden in them and wrote about it this week.

“The envelope points to the fundamental question hanging over us today: to what extent was the 9/11 plot facilitated by individuals at the highest levels of the Saudi government?”  Brian McGlinchey 

And there is a pile of 28 pages of the 9-11 report that has people wondering what else is going on.

Was Saudi Arabia involved in 9-11?

The secret report that may reveal Saudi Arabia involvement in the attacks is a 28 page document that has never been released. Obama claims that James Clapper is now “going through” the documents to make sure there is nothing that would compromise national security. (Or anything that might mess with our so called allies? Hmmm??)

Obama has spent the day in Saudi Arabia in meetings with the King while all this was breaking. Wonder if it made him itch.

The Daily Mail reported,

President Obama’s uncomfortable meeting came after officials revealed that the flight certificate of Al-Qaeda bomb maker Ghassan Al-Sharbi was discovered hidden in an envelope from the Saudi embassy in Washington when they arrested him in 2002.

On top of that, there is mounting pressure on Mr Obama at home to declassify a 28-page section of a Congressional report which many believe will point to Saudi involvement in the 2001 plane hijackings, which killed nearly 3,000 people and launched the War on Terror.

Legal snarl

Suing a foreign government is a legal snarl. Seeing any money out of it is problematical. Making them mad is also a problem that diplomats and the President do not want to deal with.

The families of terror victims suing Iran may have access to an account at the Markazi bank that has $1.75 billion in assets. But will they ever get it? It remains to be seen, given the current wrangling over the nuclear deal.

And snagging money from Saudi Arabia is highly unlikely. Even if the legislation makes it through Congress, the margin may not be veto-proof.




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