Super Tuesday: Edging Toward Chaos, and Bye Bye Bloomy

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Super Tuesday was shall we say…interesting as Warren and Bloomberg flopped, and Biden and Sanders are now neck and neck. California and Colorado went for Sanders, according to the news reports this morning.

First Casualty: Michael Bloomberg

Mini-Mike only took American Samoa in the 14 state + primary yesterday. They’re far enough removed from the mainland that they probably couldn’t see Mister Elitist in action. But his disappointing showing led to him bowing out of the race on Wednesday.

Lately Bloomberg has been buying his arrogant self through the race with a little pocket change (Between $700 and $500 million). So now that he has supposedly left the race, Democrats are free to consolidate around Biden and Sanders. Except…Bloomy did make the off-handed comment that he might do some “horse trading” at  what is shaping up to be a brokered convention.

Bloomberg is an arrogant, elitist tyrant. Example:

Yes, he’s THAT arrogant. And with that guy, your right to keep and bear arms is most definitely his target. (He won’t stop that agenda just because of the Presidential race, by the way, so keep your eyes open).

Socialist commie Sanders

California went for Sanders, who racked up 34% of the vote, with Biden a close second. California had 415 pledged delegates, more than Texas at 228. It will likely take a few weeks for California to figure out how many of the delegates will be granted to Sanders. The “free stuff” mantra reportedly resonated with Latino voters and young people. Sanders also won his home state of Vermont, as well as Utah and Colorado.

The Sacramento Bee noted,

“The self-described democratic socialist found fertile ground for his populist agenda in California, where he secured strong support from Latinos and young people.”

Ilhan Omar had endorsed Sanders for Minnesota. Which is scarey all by itself.

“Sleepy” Joe Biden

Biden had a whale of a night on Super Tuesday, sweeping to victory across the rest of the states in the primary. He won in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Massachusetts (sorry Pocahontas), Maine, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Minnesota.

“To those who’ve [been] knocked down, counted out, left behind, this is your campaign. Just a few days ago the press and the pundits had declared the campaign dead. It may be over for the other guy (referring to Sanders).”  Joe Biden

But is Joe Biden the “moderate” everyone thinks he is? By the radical leftist standards he sits slightly left of center, in danger of falling off the fence with the blowing wind. Especially if he forgets what fence he’s sitting on. Super Tuesday was not a rout by any means, and Sanders could push back on March 10 in the next round of primaries. Both men are running very close in delegate counts, which could spell a giant mess at the DNC convention in Milwaukee.

Elizabeth Warren is still counting on that brokered convention to push her forward. But after coming in a dismal third in her own state of Massachusetts…she should probably go have that beer.

Featured photo: Screenshot- Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders via The New Civil Rights Movement


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