Stupid Is As Stupid Does… And They Vote!

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Growing up in Green Bow, Alabama, Forest Gump’s mother famously taught young Forest: Stupid is as stupid does.  Wise words for a man who many considered to be, politely, ‘slow’. But compared to Hillary Clinton supporters, Forest Gump could be a Mensa member.

stupid is as stupid does

Mark Shouldice, better known by his literary and internet name Mark Dice, is an author and ‘man about town’ reporter. Dice authored The Resistance Manifesto and The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, but outside of the conspiracy theory realm is known for his faux petition videos.

Man on the Street

With a straight face, Dice asks people on the street, adults and college students alike, if they will support his petition.   He has ‘hawked’ support for a “white privilege tax,” a “male privilege tax”, banning the American flag, repealing the second amendment, even a petition to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia.  The results from ‘average’ citizens is astounding.

Let’s assume for a moment these mental midgets can’t see what must surely be a rather obvious camera crew, and therefore somehow don’t realize they have embarrassed themselves and every single public school teacher they ever met. But they speak with authority seeking their 30 seconds of fame. Fame, national embarrassment….no difference as long they’re on TV. Idiots!

Repeal the Bill of Rights

Dice’s latest ‘petition’ concerns Hillary Clinton’s promise, if elected, to repeal the Bill of Rights. That’s right, people on the street, presumably American citizens were asked if they support repealing the Bill of Rights. In America, the shining beacon of freedom and liberty across the globe, these ‘citizens’ answers will astound you. Not for their informed brilliance, but for their unmitigated ignorance.

When asked about supporting Hillary’s efforts,

Do you think it’s time we get behind her and support the repeal?” 

One woman proudly responded, “I think it is, I think we need change like they’ve been promising us for so many years, I think it’s time to get behind Hillary Clinton and support her.”











Really??? We should just cast aside the work of Madison, Jefferson, Washington and Adams in support of Killary, the Butcher of Benghazi? Right…….

Or how about this prospective Mensa member who said it’s a

“good time to look at” repealing the bill of rights.

Yet another young lady said doing so “was necessary to ‘move America forward.’”

Damn!! Where’s an illegal alien when you need one? Surely they have been studying up in the off chance they get the opportunity to become a citizen. Then again, maybe not.

Dice’s videos clearly show the dumbest and most ill informed of those contacted. But can Americans actually be this stupid?

Find Me a 5th Grader

Sadly, I must conclude they can. I mean really, 6 years ago who would have thought a man with zero past work experience, an voting record of ‘present’ and no ability to speak without a teleprompter could be elected to the highest office in the land over a man with a history of business success and a life long understanding of global relationships and threats to America……but here we are.

Hillary supporters are NOT smarter than a 5th grader…….AND THEY VOTE. God help us all.

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