Study – Some Law Enforcement Agencies in Noncompliance with California Values Act: SB 54

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A new study from an Asian American group for Oxford University reveals that SB 54 (Sanctuary Law), or the “California Values Act,” is not universally adhered to by all agencies in the State. Some Sheriffs and a few cities are not in compliance with the state rules, and are even participating in some joint task force operations. The study believes these actions are a bad thing.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus released the study in March for the University of Oxford Criminology Centre. Their study specifically spoke about Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) that do not comply with the mandate in SB 54 to not “entangle” themselves with Immigration authorities. They have even used liberal studies to back their idea that cooperation with ICE doesn’t help reduce crime. Reading the news would have been helpful.

From the study:

LEA officers additionally violate the law in a variety of ways. Officers and Deputies continue to ask people about their immigration status; provide a wide range of information to ICE beyond release date information; detain people in jails for immigration enforcement purposes beyond the time when they would otherwise be released; provide space to ICE in LEA facilities for their exclusive use; and perform the activities of immigration detention officers and patrol the border.

In other words, there are those agencies in California that are actually more interested in protecting their constituents than adhering to a state law. But the study was done by liberal individuals who view the noncompliance as a bad thing.

The study recommended the following to fix the problem:

1. Discontinue information sharing with ICE. 2. End LEA custody transfers to immigration authorities and prohibit LEAs from allowing ICE to enter non-public areas of jail facilities. 3. Prohibit LEA involvement in joint law enforcement task forces that involve immigration enforcement as a purpose, activity, threat, or consequence. 4. Prohibit LEAs from providing any jail facility space for use by ICE or CBP. 5. Prohibit all forms of LEA border policing. 6. Prohibit LEAs from providing backup services to immigration authorities during federal immigration enforcement operations. 7. Extend all SB 54 protections to state prisons. 8. Ensure compliance with SB 54 through investigating violations and imposing financial penalties.

“Prohibiting” law enforcement from doing their jobs is exactly why there are some who do not comply with the California statute. And
prohibiting” them from backing up other law enforcement officers runs completely counter to the entire Law Enforcement culture. And levying fines for noncompliance on already cash-strapped agencies is plain stupid.

We have written extensively about illegals in California who have been charged with murder because local law enforcement agencies (LEAs) did not notify ICE or honor their detention request. They did not have time to obtain a warrant. People DIED as a RESULT, many of them law enforcement officers.

Let’s be clear: SB 54 is NOT a “protection,” it is a dangerous law that places ALL Californians at risk.

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