Stratcom Steps on Sensitive Toes with Deleted Readiness Tweet

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Someone at Stratcom (Strategic Command) sent out a tweet about their ability to drop more than a ball. Many someones didn’t appreciate the humor. Others thought it was hilarious. Leave it to wussies to turn a New Year’s statement of readiness into a sideshow.

And remember this: if the guys and gals in the military- especially the nuclear forces- stop having a sense of humor, we’re all in a world of hurt.

The now deleted tweet said:

Here is the video itself:

Three hours later, Stratcom deleted the tweet, saying it was tasteless and didn’t reflect their values. Libs refused to accept the apology and continued to rant about the tweet and demanding someone be fired.

Jerks like Peter Fonda, Joy Behar, and other ‘celebs’ who regularly say nasty things about killing people that don’t agree with their leftist views get away with totally insincere apologies all the time. What makes this different? This one was a truthful statement about readiness. Strategic Command stands ready to drop whatever they need to drop to protect America. They shouldn’t have had to apologize for that.

The whiners:

Then the pushback starts to encroach on the arguments:

Social media has twisted the brainmatter of America and destroyed people’s sense of humor because of all the  whiney keyboard warriors. Don’t let it do that. Keep laughing, keep smiling, because it obviously makes the snowflakes melt.

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