Straight Pride Parade in Boston Viewed by Protesters as “Hate Parade”

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Trying to “unite America” appears to be a lost cause at this point in history. A group of about 200 people marched in a “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston on Saturday. Counter protesters showed up in force, shouting that the marchers were all “white supremacists” and that they were all ‘full of hate.’ Numerous arrests were made, and several police officers were injured. It was organized by a group calling itself “Super Happy Fun America.”

Milo Yiannopoulos was the Grand Marshal of the parade. He is an openly gay Conservative commentator and writer. There were also transgender Trump supporters in the mix. But to the left, anyone who disagrees with them is a “white supremacist,” even if they’re not white. And even if they don’t claim to be “straight.”

The purpose of the parade was to “achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond.” The message was completely lost on the mob that came against them. That’s not counting residents of Boston that called the parade “embarrassing.”

There were 36 arrests made, and plenty of allegations of police being heavy-handed in the making of those arrests. Here are just a small handful of the 36 people arrested:

Think about this: a 15 year old female juvenile was arrested for assault and battery with a weapon.

There can be no “dialogue” with people who refuse to listen.

“A teenage boy wearing a MAGA hat attempted to have dialogue w/ left wing protestors resisting the straight pride parade in Boston, but instead of clear dialogue the adults drowned him out w/ an annoying song & asked me if I was homophobic because I’m a white male.” Elijah Schaffer

Rep Ayanna Pressley condemned the parade and AOC said, “For men who are allegedly so ‘proud’ of being straight, they seem to show real incompetence at attracting women to their event. Seems more like a ‘I-Struggle-With-Masculinity’ parade to me.'”

Counter protesters chanted, “Alt right, get off our streets, no justice, no peace.” Also they chanted at the police, “Who do you serve? Who do you protect?”

The extreme left has managed to change the definitions of “white supremacist” to anyone they disagree with. Though they claimed the people in the parade were “homophobic,” the parade actually had many participants that were gay or transgender. But they were openly Trump supporters, which is the bottom line to the hate (along with a nasty dose of ridicule) perpetrated by the leftists.

Remember: the left “resistance” told us that if Trump became President, they would make America “ungovernable.” Their plan is working.

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  • Ben

    You can disprove the whole liberal message by asking about they’re being inclusive. They HATE anyone who even slightly disagrees with them…. They all follow Saul Alinsky doctrine and aren’t even intelligent to know it.

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