Stop HR 5717 – Destruction of the 2nd Amendment

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A bill submitted by Rep Hank ‘Guam-will-tip-over’ Johnson  aims to infringe on the 2nd amendment with a plethora of new rules and regulations. HR 5717, or the “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020” is an extremely restrictive gun bill that has 18 sponsors so far. Instead of restricting criminals, it restricts ordinary citizens…the typical gun control bill.

The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on March 10. Of course, Congress has been a little busy of late, so whether it will go any further is anyone’s guess. The bill creates a national gun registry, among many other things.

HR 5717:

Title I creates a Federal license for guns and for ammunition. In other words, you will have to be licensed in order to own a firearm or bullets.

Title II creates “universal background checks” and requires a 7 day waiting period as well as a required reporting of any denials.

Title III requires a person to be 21 years of age to possess or purchase a firearm, unless they are a member of the US military or are on a ranch or farm. Those who commit misdemeanor domestic violations will now be barred from firearms purchase or possession. Secure gun storage and/or gun lock devices will be required for all gun owners of both handguns and rifles…and the rules for them are stringent. It expands the gun free zones for ALL schools and colleges, flying in the face of state laws that have removed the gun free zone designations.

Title IV establishes grants for states that pass red flag laws and creates a Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order.

Title V creates a ban on nearly all semi-automatic rifles and any large magazines, as well as “ghost guns.” There is a prohibition on possession of suppressors and other accessories. It also bans home builds for any weapons.

Title VI prohibits the sale of multiple firearms, limiting each person to one firearm per month.

Title VII requires dealers to keep records of firearms sales and institute “security” requirements.

Title VIII increased the excise tax on firearms to 30% and ammunition to 50%.

Title IX creates a community grant program for gun violence intervention, and funds for research.

What about “shall not be infringed” do these Democrats not get? Clearly unconstitutional, this bill should be stopped in its tracks. As soon as this virus crisis is over, you can be sure the Democrats will be pushing it hard. Though it has little chance of Senate passage, the House could shove it forward. Call your Representatives and express your opinion.

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  • Chris Carter

    President Trump would never sign this crap

    • Ryan

      This bill is very unconstitutional. This bill needs to be stopped. What doesn’t the government get about shall not be infringed. Make a bill pass a bill that takes away guns from criminals not law abiding citizens. Criminals are the problem not law abiding citizens.

    • Shawn

      Bump stock ban dont put to much faith in people who will pull that crap

      • dennis watkins

        EXACTLY ban this type, ban that type, next thing you know they’re all banned slippery slope.

        • Terry Sherwood

          How do we the people, stop this bil HR 5717

          • Faye Higbee

            contact your reps in Congress both House and Senate

  • Stacey T. Hall

    Stop this bill it is unconstitutional

    • Kira Torin

      The government keeps trying to move our country into socialism. I can only hope that President Trump will remain true to America and put an end to this.

      • KJ

        When can we put these stupid politicians on trial for treason against the constitution which is punishable by death

  • Alan burkey

    This is unconstitutional all these laws do nothing for criminals . The only people it hurts is the good citizens. Do you think it is going stop a criminal no it will only make it worse they don’t care about the laws. You will be making there lives easier since us good citizens will lose our rights. You are infringing on our 2nd amendment.

    • Richard

      I do not wantbthis bill passed. Against it and our rights. Gale Noel. There are ones that want to destroy our rights

  • James Giachino

    This Bill must be stopped. These Democrats are so afraid legally armed citizens ,the question is why they have to go after the criminals. There’s something bigger going on in our country. This corona virus is a bunch of bullshit, this virus is no different then the common flu, The American people better wake up and watch what’s going on around them, there trying to contain the people too there homes. And now the want too bring the National guard in. For what I can’t stress this enough. Watch your neighborhoods and your family’s .God Bless and stay armed

    • LuAnn Glass

      Oh hell no.

  • Ricky Morrow

    The 2nd amendment should be left alone

  • David Hacker

    Like they say,when you pray it from .y cold dead fingers

  • Michele Walker

    No to red flag laws. Innocent people are being killed over this bs. Stop taking rights from law abiding citizens! Taking our guns will NOT help us. Take the lawless people off the streets. Get the mentally unstable the help they need!!!! Leave the rest of us alone!

    Oh and give up your armed body guards!!! F’n double standard!

  • Sal DePetro

    I am in favor of stopping HR 5717…

    Our right to bare arms shall not be infringed..

    God bless America!

    • Mo

      I totally agree! If they don’t want guns, then they shouldn’t be protected by them either!

  • Brian Gibson

    I will not comply. 🇺🇸
    I do not hunt, but to rely on a government for my personal protection, would ensure my demise. To give “any” government a blank check to control my life given to me by my creator, would ensure my misery.

    • Sonny

      No to 5717

    • Sherry

      STOP Bill HR 5717, it is certainly unconstitutional!
      First they tried to impeach our PRES, when that failed then came the coronavirus, next calling in the national guard, people being scared to death to go outside now & are staying in….seriously dont y’all think there is something ODD about this? Now the Dems are fighting the PRES giving us all $$$$

      It’s all a conspiracy! We need to fight for our rights! Hopefully PRES Trump will put a stop to all this nonsense. If not we the people need to prepare to protect our rights & our families!

  • Robert Stewart


  • Tommy J Prestidge

    Leave the good citizens alone. Go after the criminals. Oh, anyone that agrees with this bill is a criminal. Dont make me have to be one.

  • Daniel

    I am a hunter of large and small game and this is not right. We need to stop this before a new civil war breaks out

  • B bradshaw

    There is a little quoted phrase in the Constitution that sums it all up “protection from a tyrannical government “.

  • Stephanie

    I dont feel that you need a fed license to purchase your a gun you’ve had for years or ammo for that gun. 2nd amendment was around long before them and it was made for law abiding citizens to protect ourselves by taking that away unless we go through more scrutiny besides the background check to get them what’s next??

  • J. Barros

    We need to stop this bill.

  • Jeffery

    Only in numbers are we heard and only in numbers can we stand up for our selves and eachother…this is down right sick and twisted for any committee to be imposing new laws on the American people when there backs are turned… tdd his is a sneaky move and in no way aimed at the protection of the people…president trump needs to be made aware so we can har where he stands…myself am waiting for him to throw them out of our country and will watch millions of Americans lift him up and trust him 100%….this is your chance Mr.Trump….

  • Frederic Lucas

    A lot has happened in the last 4 days. What is the current status?

  • Pat White

    Am totally againstHR 5717 being passed. Rediculous . It doesn’t help mankind one bit. It just allows the government to control and not protect humanity or allow humanity to protect itself.

  • Sheldon

    This bill would be fine (if it only) applied to members of the (FEDERAL) House of Representitives, members of the US Senate and all state politicians that publicly approve it prior to it being voted on. Although most liberals might approve of such a sweeping violation of the US Constitution, I seriously doubt it would pass a constitutional amendment. Where are the conservative politicians to write a law that any law passed that changes the constitution must be by a constitutional amendment or it is illegal. These politicians might not know or have read the constitution but there are plenty of citizens who have. If these feds have nothing better to do then let them pass a law designating no COVID-19 zones. If these idiots think they can control gun violence that way, in their closed minds it must work.

  • George Pryor

    Any and all infringement on any of our GOD given rights is against the Constitution of the United States of America Republic and is as article 6 clause 2 stipulates and is as if it was not written. This includes all gun laws starting with the first June 26,1934. All laws contrary to the Constitution should be stricken from the books.

  • Larry Nelson

    This would make gun ownership impossible don’t just shrug it off call yes take 5 minutes to call your representatives and ask them to defeat this terrible bill now bill HR 5717

  • Ed Shamansky

    Please don’t pass this part of the bill. Because the Dems will get a win against law biding Americans

  • Joseph Thompson

    We the people say hell no to HR 5717 never allow this bullshit this is America

  • Robert Bryant

    It’s unconstitutional , and it ain’t right. Stop this bill.

  • Joseph

    No one want HR 5717 to pass this is a infringement on our rights as Americans

  • Robert Bryant

    It’s unconstitutional and infringes on my rotes as a naturally born American, let a lone, those that have come to America ta have these rights. We’re headin toward marshal law. Vote this bill down.

  • Denise Tomkinson

    NO ! You will not take my right as an American, to bear arms, away from me. I’ll not allow any government to control me. American Government is to protect me. Not control me. Tour purpose has been miss aligned. Get it straightened out !!!!

  • theone

    After all of this , THE CRIMINALS WILL STILL HAVE GUNS !!!!

  • Scott Brewer

    This bill needs to be stopped. It goes against everything American. Stop the Heroin. It kills more people in a day. Than any guns ever have

  • Rudy

    I’m against this bill or any that infringe our 2A rights.

  • We are not going to stand for the destruction of our Second Amendment right. We cannot let the government control our right to bear arms.

    We must let them know that we are not going to stand for the destruction of our Second Amendment right. We cannot let the government control our right to bear arms.

  • Larry

    Stupid people. You are going to have a war.

  • Ken Harrigan

    I’m against this bill or any that infringe our 2A rights. Congress has better things to complete like this virus effort for one and all they do is fight each other. Now, they want to sneak in this POS.

  • Chris Nagle

    This better not pass

    • Joe

      Absolutely ridiculous! This is criminal to even propose a bill like this. I am an avid hunter and also have my license to carry concealed. What’s next? Stripping me of that right as well? This bill needs to be buried

    • Don'tTreadOnMe

      STOP HR 5717.

  • TIM


  • Glenn

    I saw a post regarding this from CHANGE.ORG. Sadly they need to be more accurate with their info. They look pretty stupid claiming this bill will make 373 million gun owners felons. The US population is far less than that figure, and not all of us own firearms. I do, and an totally against this piece of shit legislation.

  • Fred Bennett

    We are not going to stand for the destruction of our Second Amendment right. We cannot let the government control our right to bear arms.March 26, 2020

  • Bob

    this needs to be stopped…….they need to focus on the real problems…not things that keep problems from happening

  • Kari Fulton

    Hell to the NO!!!!!!

  • Lawrence

    If guns kill people, why do we send people with guns when they go to war? Why not just send the guns?

  • Jonna

    So let’s see🤔 the dems want to let every illegal alien stay. Of course we pay! Check out the dems bill A NEW WAY FORWARD. you’ll love that. It wants to pay for already deported illegals to come back and go before a judge( again) all on TAX PAYERS DIME! REALLY! ITS INSANE! Dems want open borders, dems want tax payer funded abortions, etc! They will let illegals kill Americans ( drunk driving, shootings) Dem controlled lib cities don’t allow law enforcement to till ICE when they’ve caught an illegal ( even if the crime is bad). But they’re concerned about AMERICANS Having the right to bare arms ? They are trying crap all over it. AND OTHERS! AMERICANS BETTER WAKE UP! That may be cliche’, But it’s THE TRUTH! Don’t wait until they’re at your door trying to take your guns. But u can bet your ass all the “ Dems” will be guarded by guns in their IVORY TOWERS! It’s just another step to try and rid America of the middle class! Watch The COMMITEE OF 300 by Dr John Coleman. Get your wake up call. God Bless❤️

  • Rick

    Can you really see the government taking away the mountain peoples guns, right, it would start a civil war, and all the police, and army will be to afraid to do this, i sure wouldn’t want to be the one going around taking guns, it would be worse than the virus, it would be a bloody war.

  • Christopher

    May be he thinks that there is votes in it?

  • Orthel Scace

    Leave the 2nd alone

  • Aaron L

    The HR 5717 bill contents can now be read on Amazon:

  • Lou

    There’s no limit to the ignorance of liberals, their horrible ideas and actions endanger everyone!

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