Stolen Valor – Fake Marine Goes to Prison

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Reading, Pennsylvania – It never pays to commit stolen valor and pretend to be a US Marine, and especially after you’ve snookered a judge into believing it. Shane Sperow told Judge Thomas Parisi  back in February that he was a “decorated Marine Corps sniper” and had been injured in combat, so deserved a reduced sentence. The judge granted that reduced sentence. But…when authorities found out that the whole spiel was a blatant lie, the proverbial donkey poop hit the fan.

Fox News reported,

Sperow’s attorney says the Berks County man lied in February because he wanted to get out of jail sooner and turn his life around to benefit his son. Sperow boasted of deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia while earning two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.

On Tuesday, District Attorney Charles F. Prutzman read a list of military engagements in which Sperow falsely claimed he fought, from Operation Desert Storm to action in Somalia.

“In reality, none of those things were true,” he said, according to the paper. “And you were never a U.S. Marine.”

The report said that Sperow stood in court with his eyes trained to the floor. He nodded during his admission. His lawyer said Sperow was “frightened in the moment” on Feb. 8, when he first lied about his service and “made a mistake.”

Stolen Valor

This guy was premeditated about his stolen valor. It was most certainly NOT a spur of the moment “mistake.” When police searched his house, they found a forged document- a fake honorable discharge certificate- and a uniform with his name on it.

stolen valor

Photo- Police mugshot and evidence

He tried to use service in the Marine Corps to get out of punishment for his crimes.

According to wfmz,

Shane Sperow entered an open plea in court Tuesday to a charge of unsworn falsification to authorities. He also admitted that he violated his probation for prior convictions for prohibited offensive weapons and theft by deception.

President Judge Paul Yatron sentenced Sperow to 21 months to five years in prison followed by three years of probation.

That’s all on top of his sentence from February for assault.


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