Stealth Aircraft Sighting Over Oregon -What Could It Be?

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At around 4:30 p.m. on October 25, 2017, an unidentified white stealth aircraft was seen flying through the heavily trafficked corridor between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. It caused enough concern that the Oregon Air National Guard scrambled F-15 fighter jets from Portland International Airpot (PDX) to intercept. They couldn’t find it.

Sofrep  reported,

“The air traffic controllers were unable to track the aircraft on radar, but had received multiple reports of its presence; further, it was not operating with an activated traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) transponder, meaning it could potentially pose a threat to the heavily trafficked corridor of airspace.

Numerous pilots confirmed the presence of the aircraft visually, with one getting as close as four miles from it, but could offer little information as to the type of the craft or its origin.  The aircraft did not respond to communications efforts, nor did it display any aggressive behavior toward nearby planes, but the mystery surrounding it created enough concern that the Oregon Air National Guard scrambled F-15 fighters from the Portland International Airport to intercept.  Surprisingly, despite multiple civilian and commercial pilots confirming the craft’s presence and location, it had disappeared before the fighter jets arrived.”

It’s probably not an alien aircraft, based on the fact that it behaved like a normal airplane. Generally, “UFO” aircraft can accomplish maneuvers that ordinary planes cannot, according to SOFREP. Then there’s the fact that the military acknowledges its existance, at least as far as they’d go. UFO sightings generally are not acknowledged. You know, “swamp gas” and “mass delusion.”

And of course, they may not be telling the public everything they know.

“When it comes to a secret military aircraft, flying such an asset among jetliner traffic in daylight, albeit it was around sunset time, certainly seems like an odd choice for a secretive program, but that doesn’t make it impossible. There are vast and remote training ranges that could be taken advantage of in Alaska for clandestine aircraft programs, and it is a long flight to get there. Still, the idea that U.S. military would willingly fly an aircraft through a major air traffic route at common jet operating altitudes without radio, transponder, or even radar contact would be highly concerning if true.” The Drive

Was it a new drone? Some other military aircraft? Why is it white- or is that simply what the pilots who saw it thought it was? And perhaps the biggest question of all…is it ours?



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  • Rick Lou

    That is definitely not an F16, the F16 is my favorite military jet. Your advisors are correct it is an F15 which I verified in my copy of Janes Military Aircraft Recognition Guide. The F15 and F18 look simliar but have slightly different body curves and the tails are different, both a dual vertical stabilizer but one slanted outward toward the top of the tails and the other with straight twin tails. The F16 is a single engine jet with the air intake under the front looking like a smiley face and the F16 and F15 with dual side intakes and dual engines.

    • Rick Lou

      Correction I meant to type F15 and F18 on the 3rd from bottom line.

  • Rick Lou

    Good and well written article Faye. I was also in law enforcement 38 years and an aviation enthusiast, always wanted to be a pilot but things in my life have prevented me over the years but hoping eventually it’ll happen.

    I have seen video of aircraft uses to transport workers from Las Vegas flying to Area 51 painted only white with no tail numbers or identification on them. Of course thus is way north of there but now there has been an area 52 for years after they claimed to have shut down area 51 for decades of denying it, which it’s had improvements done so clearly it’s still in use. I would doubt they’d fly without TCAS or Ident on a major jet route at commercial altitudes. Also the fading on and out of radar would indicate possible radar absorbing paint. Be interesting if we ever find out. Scary if we can’t intercept unknown planes. Never ever heard a word about the missile off the 35 milea of the coast of California when Obama was in Asia. They claimed it must’ve been contrails of a 747 flying back from Hawaii. No way, you could see the red flames of the engine, commercial jets don’t have afterburner or fly at that trajectory. Military secrets usually stay secret.

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